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Social networks – how to be safe!

Updated on October 31, 2012

Nowadays it’s easier to get into relationships whether it’s just being friends or getting into serious relationships. With the blooming of various social networking sites like twitter, facebook, orkut, skype, LinkedIn, MySpace, Google Plus+, DeviantArt, LiveJournal, Tagged, CafeMom, Ning, Meetup, myLife, myYearbook, Badoo and various other sites its getting more & more easier to get to know people even beyond cities, states, nations & even oceans! But the million dollar question is that “are we into right relationships?”

Moreover rather than spending time with near and dear ones the current generation loves spending time online with strangers just by seeing their display picture. Though talking and getting along with new people is not a crime there are instances of online relations turning into crimes! The first & the foremost thing that brings people together or impresses people is that their display pictures. Everyone is keen to put one of their best pictures as the display picture and some are even more keen that they spend hundreds and thousands to capture a good picture of theirs to display online. Mostly every relation through online starts through this picture. Though there may be instances of relationships through online being successful there are also instances of these relationships turning into worst ever nightmare.

Play safe

  • Never chat with strangers. Even though if you chat with strangers for some unavoidable reasons ensure that you don’t give your personal details like mobile number, residential address etc.
  • Don’t ever meet them in person. Even if they say that they want to make a billion dollar business with you don’t fall for it and assure them to meet in person. Or if you feel they are trustworthy then bring someone along with you while meeting them in person.
  • If in case you doubt some one’s behavior online then immediately remove them from all your lists such that they can neither contact you nor chat with you and also alert all your friends to do the same.
  • If you feel someone is taking too advantage of you or someone is noticing all your activities so keen that they continue to question you of them then warn them strictly that it is none of their business.
  • Also inform all your friends not to give your details like contact number, residential address to third persons.
  • Finally having taken all the precautions but still you can’t get over some stranger then you always have our cyber crime department to help us. Go straight to them and complain about the strangers you doubt.

Remember that there are both advantages and disadvantages of social networking relationships so its in our hands to be safe out there!


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    • suk91 profile image

      suk91 4 years ago from Chennai, India

      Thanks Dinesh! :)

    • Dinesh200666 profile image

      Dinesh Sharma 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Very Nice points you made. And it's really important not to trust strangers on the internet.