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How to propose on Valentine's Day

Updated on December 31, 2007

Valentine's Day is coming. How am I going to say it? How am I going to do it? Arrghh I'm having a headache. I need ideas.

If you're in this position, then here are some ideas for making the moment special and romantic.

Proposing in front of a crowd - If you're reasonably confident that you're sweetheart is going to say yes, then you might want to propose in front of a crowd; make it memorable and a day to remember. For example, you could go to a jewellery store, get her to choose a ring and then, propose to her on bended knees in front of everyone.

Say it with a candy - Your sweetheart may be surprised that you've gotten him/her a box of chocolates as a gift, but if you can get him/her to open it, then the surprise will be on him/her when he or she finds and engagement ring among the chocolates.

Recreating a first date or special moment - Tell your valentine not to make any plans for that day, then start on your quest to make all the arrangements to recreate your first date. It will certainly be an added plus if you can actually wear similar clothes. In your own words, let him/her know that it was when you knew that he/she was the one and pop the question on bended knees.

On a walk/drive/sail - You can find some romantic spot near you, and then take your valentine in a leisurely way towards there, talking about why you're in love, what's so good about it and why he/she's so special. When you reach the perfect spot, through your own words, you can say something like "I wanted to bring you somewhere as beautiful as you are to ask you to spend the rest of your life with me? Will you marry me?"

At a restaurant - According to a wine merchants survey, restaurants are the second best place to propose after your home. If the restaurant is in your plans, select one that is memorable to you both; secure your reservations early during this period. Speak with someone about proposing. They'll be experts on the nicest and easiest way to do it. Of course, it would be best if you didn't hide the ring in the food. It would be swallowed!

Discovering the ring somewhere unexpected - If you're not the romantic type, the type who says all the methods are too mushy for me, then your sweetheart will definitely be suspicious if you want to take him/her to a fancy restaurant or even a walk. Thus, you could place the ring somewhere around the house where it can be found by your sweetheart; somewhere he/she wouldn't expect to be found. You could try to be around when he/she discovers it and pop the question. You could even ask the question casually. For example, "Shall we post our engagement in the newspaper?" When your sweetheart realizes what you've said, you could take out the ring and propose.

On the radio - You could use this method if your sweetheart listens to the radio often. Call the radio station in advance to arrange it.

Jigsaw puzzles - Check out some jigsaw puzzles and give it to your sweetheart as a present. He/she would probably be upset that he/she only got a puzzle as a present. But when they solve it and discover a piece missing, you will take out the piece which reads "Will you marry me?"

Photo album - Make an album of your relationship with pictures of you two during important moments. On the second last page, you could write "What will the future bring?" Then on the last page, you could write "How about marriage?"

The language of love - You could start writing ‘will you marry me?' on a blank page in a different writing; one which your sweetheart doesn't understand. You could keep on writing and lead up to his/her native language. You could find some examples on the internet.

However you propose, do it in a personal and romantic way and be sincere about it.


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