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5 Phrases in 5 Different Languages

Updated on May 16, 2010

Say "Hello" and "Goodbye" in 5 different languages

We all need to know the basic greetings when we visit a new country, or meet someone who speaks another language. So here is how to say "hello" in 5 different languages.

1. German- Guten tag (pronounced goo-ten tahg)

2. Dutch- Hallo (pronounced hah-low)

3. French- Salut (pronounced sah-loo)

4. Spanish- Hola (pronounced oh-la)

5. Italian- Ciào (pronounced chow)

Here is how to say "Goodbye" in the same 5 languages as above:

1. German- Auf Wiedersehen (pronounced owf vee-der-zayn)

2. Dutch- Doei (pronounced doh-wee)

3. French- Au revoir (pronounced oh reh-vwar)

4. Spanish- Adios (pronounced ah dee-yos)

5. Italian- Ciào (pronounced chow)

Say "Congratulations" in 5 different languages

Sometimes you find yourself in situations where you either need or want to say things in different languages. Most people know or learn enough to get by when visiting a different country, but "congratulations" isn't one of the necessary words that people learn. So I've compiled a list of "congratulations" in the same 5 languages for you.

1. German- Glückwünsche (pronounced glike-vine-sh)

2. Dutch- Gefeliciteerd (pronounced geh-fel-ick-it-ayrd)

3. French- Félicitations (pronounced feh-lees-eet-a-shions)

4. Spanish- Felicitaciones (pronounced feh-lee-cee-tah-SYOHN-ehs)

5. Italian- Complimenti (pronounced comp-lim-en-tee)

Say "Thank you" in 5 different languages

It's always nice to be polite, and the best way to do it is in a way that people can understand you, right? So here is a list of how to say "thank you" in the same 5 languages as above.

1. German- Danke (pronounced dunk-ah)

2. Dutch- Dank u (pronounced donk-yah)

3. French- Merci (pronounced mare-see)

4. Spanish-  Gracias (pronounced grah-see-us)

5. Italian- Grazie (pronounced grat-zee)

Say "You're Welcome" in 5 different languages

Now that we know how to say "thank you", we need to learn how to say "you're welcome" right? So here is a list of the same 5 languages.

1. German- Gern geschehen. (pronounced ghern guh-shay-un)

2. Dutch- Graag gedaan (pronounced grahg guh-dahn)

3. French- De rien (pronounced dah ree-ehn)

4. Spanish- De nada (pronounced day nah-dah)

5. Italian- Prego (pronounced pray-goh)


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