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How to be Faithful in your Marriage or Love Relationship

Updated on June 14, 2017
Anamika S profile image

Anamika S. Jain has been a social media consultant for six years. She has written more than 200 articles on relationships and dating.

How to stay Faithful and Loyal to your Spouse or Partner

Marital Infidelity can break a relationship. In fact it is the most common cause of a break up or Divorce. The way out of this is to be faithful to your spouse or partner and develop the trust in relationship that can help the marriage to survive. When talking on the issue of faithfulness one question which comes to the mind of several people is that ‘Is it possible to stay faithful to a Spouse in today’s society?’ My answer to this question is that ‘Like today, Temptations and Opportunities were there yesterday too. If one wants to be Staying faithful and Loyal to their Partner or Spouse or not is a relationship choice. If a person wants to stay faithful and avoid marital infidelity he or she can.’

How to stay faithful and avoid Cheating in a Love Relationship or Marriage?
How to stay faithful and avoid Cheating in a Love Relationship or Marriage?

How to be faithful to a Husband or Wife?

There are many people who easily stray and end up cheating on their loved ones. Some get away with it while the others get caught. Even if the spouse never catches you, the guilt of the affair and the lies said to hide it would weigh on your conscience. Whether it is a man cheating on his wife or a woman cheating on her husband, it is not going to be a good feeling. If you are wondering how to be faithful to your spouse or how to avoid marital infidelity here are some practical tips that can help you do so.

1) When you get married make sure that she or he is the one for you. If your love, trust and feelings for the person you marry are strong enough, then you can survive all sorts of temptations to cheat.

2) Accept the fact that you are no more a Single. You are married and it is your responsibility to honor the vows you have taken at the time of marriage. Also do not hide your marital status with anyone, let your colleagues and friends know that you are happily married and use all opportunities to show off your husband or wife.

3) Do not give an opportunity for the opposite sex to think by looks, behavior or words that you are available. When you flirt, dress provocatively or talk dirty with someone who is not your spouse remember that you are doing exactly that.

4) Do not put yourself in the position where you are alone with the opposite sex. This can lead to temptations to cheat or being taken advantage of you by the opposite sex.

5) If someone is making advances let them know that you not interested because you are happily married and have eyes only for your husband or wife. Be stern with the way you turn them down. Let them get the message that you are off limits for them. Do not talk about problems you are having with your spouse with someone of the opposite sex.

6) Avoid Drugs and Alcohol as these can make you do things which you may regret later.

7) Always keep your Spouse informed about what is happening in your life. Be honest and let him not wonder what you are hiding.

8) Have a clear understanding on what Consequences or impact of Infidelity in relationships apart from the danger of pregnancy or STD’s. Think of what may happen if your spouse finds out and if an affair is really worth in front of what you stand to lose. Also, think how you would feel if your spouse cheated on you. That should help you to keep away from cheating your spouse.

9) Tend to all aspects of the relationship. Address all problems in your relationship without delay and find solutions. Be it marital boredom, financial troubles or anything else it has to be solved immediately. Spend quality time with your partner regularly and mutually work together in building up the relationship.

In short, Cheating is not something that just happens or something which is not in a person’s control. But it is up to you to decide if you want to respect the commitment made to your spouse by staying faithful or betray their trust by cheating on them.

Do you have any tips on how to stay faithful to a husband or wife and avoid marital infidelity? Feel free to add them as comments.


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  • profile image

    jackk 5 years ago

    Life is a teacher.Its awesome but God knows better.

  • profile image

    adebola odewole 5 years ago

    Gud write up. Awesome!

  • profile image

    Julin 5 years ago

    very true and the choice lies with you it is not accidental.

  • profile image

    piggy 5 years ago

    that was helpful thanks 4 that

  • profile image

    wahida 6 years ago

    with today ratio 1:10 the spouse or partners they can never never be faithful

  • profile image

    mamora olusegun 6 years ago

    Never give too much attention to or stay too long with opposite sex who is not your spouse, because love starts mostly from a deep friendship, graduates to the level of unconscious feeling which at its break-out, WILL be a trouble to your your present relationship. Also, note that you will almost always not see the the weaknesses of the person @ first and as a result start to think he's better than your present spouse. And by the time you discover that this person's weaknesses you can't cope with it might have destroyed your happy relationship with the real better one you assumed was worse. Avoid unnecessary closeness with opposite sex. Never let opposite sex be your best friend outside your spouse.

  • profile image

    mary 6 years ago

    why do married men cheat

  • profile image

    rosalyn williams 6 years ago

    I'm in my second divorce,and ready to try the 3rd,never been at fault someonce help me get a free divorce.

  • profile image

    weng agustin 6 years ago

    nice one! very good tips..

  • The Quiz Master profile image

    Warren 6 years ago from England

    I agree with everything you say BUT you are missing one very important ingredient, sex.

    What if your wife/husband loses interest, then what happens to you? You feel unloved and very frustrated, so when someone else is interested in having sex with you and it's been months or years since you had it with your loved one what do you do? Not many people can hold back the yearning of what they are missing out on.

    Don't you think that you would feel like you are wasting the few good years you've got left before you are too old?

  • bingskee profile image

    bingskee 6 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

    communication is very important in a relationship. if it dies, the love can die, too, with it.

  • alma0129 profile image

    alma0129 7 years ago from Philippines

    Hi amika, very nice and practical hub on fidelity.

    It's very helpful and true. When love is strong and respect is very evident, relationship will grow.

  • theindianblues profile image

    theindianblues 7 years ago from Some where on the Globe

    Very good text and tips. Useful for not only the just married and even the couples who completed some jubilees in their life. Thank you Anamika S for sharing such a wonderful topic.

  • Philipo profile image

    Philipo 7 years ago from Nigeria

    Above all, you need prayer and God's guidance. Very educative hub. Thanks for sharing.

  • vivekananda profile image

    vivekananda 7 years ago from India

    Nice topic. Marital Infidelity is nothing but a crime according to ancient Hindu traditions. Indians who are going out of their cultural limits must read this hub.

  • ladyjane1 profile image

    ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

    Good article and great advice and information. I think that when a couple stop communicating or keep secrets from each other than they have entered the danger zone. Marriage isn't easy but it is up to each of us to determine if it is important enough to hang on to. Nice job Cheers.

  • FeniqueS profile image

    A F Stiger 7 years ago from Home

    From those that I call my best friends, ones that are always there for me in I should need. And its not that many, still can count on one hand. These are all men, some married, divorced and one separated. Each one of these have the same complaint. No Sex. Three of them their wifes just decided to stop having sex with them. The other two, one wife started having an affair with her boss. They divorced split the kids, sold the house, each one got a car. He was a stay at home dad, had or has his own business, spent MAJOR PART of his time with the business and the kids. She'd come home from work, do little (key word)things to keep him interested and let him know of her love and appreciation. Didn't notice, her boss did though. He'd stay working on the business long into the night.

    The one separated, not sure of this one. Because, he was doing everything right (at least I thought). Kept home fire burning, leave notes around house 'I married to the greatest woman in the universe', 'I love you'. Did no good. His wife left him for another woman.

    I'm not married, and would love to be. Though it is a contract, but it's a Whole lot more. Your spouse, is the better of you. They bring out the goodness you didn't know you had. And over looks the, the things that make them mad. Cause its a part of you that makes them better. Better together, each day more than yesterday, will last years of Sunday's.

    I Pray for my better half and I too one day.

  • dahoglund profile image

    Don A. Hoglund 7 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

    Marriage is basically a contract, both legally and spiritually. Things very seldom go smoothly throughout years of marriage but one should not enter it without at least an intention of commitment.

  • msorensson profile image

    msorensson 7 years ago

    A difficult topic so I commend you for posting it. There are people in whom the concept of marital infidelity has never occurred.

    It has got nothing to with the other person. They hold marriage sacred, within.

    Your suggestions are very helpful. Thank you.