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How to tell a Guy likes you

Updated on December 16, 2013

Sometimes guys are hard to read. If you are really curious as to how guys like you here are some clues:

1) He makes up excuses to be with you and when you say no he gets sad.

2) He listenes to everything you say and will bring it up in future conversations.

3) He says your name a lot. Not just "hey _ how is it going?" but stuff like "I know you love that movie _"

4) In all of your messages he sends exclamation marks

5) He calls you when he says he will

6) His face lights up when he sees you

7) He compliments you a lot

8) He laughs at all of your jokes even if they are not funny

9) He looks at you a lot

10) He treats you better than he does to most girls

The list goes on and on. If you sense there is potential with you and a certain guy go for it. Take it slow and enjoy every moment of it.


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