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How to understand women: Understanding girls in a relationship

Updated on August 20, 2013

How to understand women in relationships? How to find out what is going on in my girlfriend's mind? Is my wife giving me some signs that a husband should know about? How to read a woman's body language while dating her? The trick to decoding a woman's mind does not lie hidden deep inside the pages of a psychology book. All men need to do is to understand the basics of a romantic and loving relationship to be able to understand a girl's behavior.

Give your girlfriend or wife a hug if she leans on to you. You will be amazed at how such a cute gesture can have a delightful effect on your relationship.
Give your girlfriend or wife a hug if she leans on to you. You will be amazed at how such a cute gesture can have a delightful effect on your relationship. | Source

1) When a girl leans on you, she needs a hug

Understanding women in relationship is less rocket science and more reading evident body language signs that she is giving. When your girlfriend or wife leans on to you without saying a word, wrap your arms around her and give her a hug.

Leaning on to you is a sign that she is leaning on for support. It can be because she is facing a problem or just because she is feeling blue without any reason. Hug her and don't let go for at least a minute until the smile on her face returns.

2) When a woman calls you and doesn't say anything, she wants you to say something

Don't get confused if your girlfriend calls you and says she has nothing to talk about. It basically means that she was getting bored or was missing you. Think of something and drag your girlfriend into a bubbly conversation that makes her feel nice.

Remember this and remind yourself that when she says 'I have nothing to say', it actually means that she wants you to do the talking on the phone.

3) When a woman asks for help, she wants you to find solutions and not her faults

Some people have the habit of instantly finding faults and problems in others. If you have this habit, you must tone it down in front of your girlfriend or wife.

When a woman asks for help, she has come to you to look for a solution. Guys must understand that the last thing a girl needs at this time is unwanted advice and fault finding blame games. Here are some of the things you should avoid saying.

  • I told you not to do so
  • Why did you do it even though you knew it was wrong?
  • I never knew you were this stupid
  • If you had listened to me, you would never have been in this mess in the first place

4) When a woman is crying, the last thing she wants you to do is walk away

Men need to understand that crying is an emotional response to being hurt on a very deep psychological level. If your girlfriend or wife gets emotional and starts crying, she wants you to be by her side.

Console her and comfort her until she stops crying. Never ever leave a girl and walk away at such a vulnerable moment. When she starts crying in front of you, it is the time when she lets down her guard because she trusts you to do the right thing.

Hear a girl out when she calls to talk to you about her day. Don't annoy her by acting uninterested or giving her irritating advice.
Hear a girl out when she calls to talk to you about her day. Don't annoy her by acting uninterested or giving her irritating advice.

5) When a woman calls you to talk about her day, she wants you to listen and not give her advice

Don't be in a hurry when your girl calls you and starts talking about what she did during the day. Patiently listen to her and don't interrupt. Whether she is talking about her shopping trip or how one of her friends made his ex regret their breakup, listen to her without getting annoyed.

Women really value men who listen. Guys need to understand that when girls vent their hearts out on the phone, they don't expect guys to actually take develop an interest in all the girly stuff. All women want is a patient ear so that they get a warm sense of togetherness.

6) When a woman talks about her past, she doesn't want you to be judgmental

A man should consider himself lucky if his girlfriend or wife decides to talk about her past. He should understand that it is her willingness to open her life up to him so that she does not have to keep any secrets in the relationship.

A woman expects her man to be understanding of the fact that everyone makes bad decisions. She does not want him to be judgmental or worse, give her a stereotype label because of her past.

7) If she is arguing with someone, she wants you to take her side

A woman may not tell you directly but if you are a couple, she wants you to support her when she gets into arguments with other people. No matter how silly or important the argument, she wants you to put all your logic aside and help her out.

If you must point out that she is wrong, do it in private when you both are alone.

8) When a woman says that she wants to be left alone, leave her alone for a while

Even when a woman clearly says that she wants to be left alone, men often complicate the whole situation and act confused about whether she actually wants to be left alone. Stop over thinking this situation and leave her alone for a while.

If you think that she needs to be consoled because she is sad, give her five to ten minutes of alone time before you comfort her with your hugs.

Don't expect sex when your girlfriend or wife is in a bad mood.
Don't expect sex when your girlfriend or wife is in a bad mood.

9) When a woman is in a bad mood, don't expect sex

It is important for men to understand that in a relationship, a woman's approach to sex is a result of many other things that affect her emotional balance. If she is not in a happy mood, she is probably not in the mood for sex.

10) When she compares herself to other women, she wants you to say that she's the best

Understanding a woman's mind seems to get difficult for men when comparisons are involved. An easy way to deal with this is to remember the rule of thumb – never tell a woman that someone else looks better than her.

No matter how logical or practical her questions sound to you, always maintain a one-sided stance to let her know that there is no other woman in the world that can look as good as her, at least in your eyes.

11) When a woman asks you about your ex, she doesn't really want to know about the happy memories

Just because your girlfriend or wife asks you the happy memories that you have about your ex, doesn't mean that she wants to know them. In fact, she hopes that you will come up with some of the below answers.

  • I can't remember of any happy times
  • I don't have any happy memories about my relationship with her

Don't over complicate this situation. Just reassure her that the only happy memories that you have in your life are with her and not with any of your exes.

12) When a girl is getting her mood swings, she wants you to be more tolerant

Every man should understand that a woman expects him to be more tolerant when she is having her mood swings. Whether her mood swings are hormonal or period related, she wants her guy to calm her down when she is edgy.

Dealing with a woman's mood swings is actually very simple – be calm, be patient and don't expect her to be her usual perky self during those days.

If you see your girl sitting on the sofa and looking glum, walk up to her and give her a hug. Find out what is going in her mind.
If you see your girl sitting on the sofa and looking glum, walk up to her and give her a hug. Find out what is going in her mind.

13) When a woman doesn't say anything, she expects you to notice that something's wrong

Don't expect your girlfriend or wife to blurt out all her troubles to you every time. If you see her slouching on a couch seemingly depressed, go and put your arm around her. Ask her some of these questions.

  • What's wrong sweetheart?
  • Is something bothering you girl?
  • I sense that my girl needs a warm hug, what's in your mind gorgeous?

Women want their men to be more receptive of their body language and notice when something is amiss. Pampering her for a couple of minutes is all it will take to make her talk. She expects you to understand this, even if she doesn't say it.

14) When a girl says I'm Bored, she wants you to take her out

A girl won't risk sounding like a nagging partner by always pestering her guy to take her out. But she will use other subtle hints to let him know that she wants to go out with him. Here are some classic examples.

  • I am bored
  • Let's do something fun
  • Aren't you feeling bored?
  • I wish I could get some KFC, but I know it is too late, isn't it?

It is up to you whether you want to entertain your girl's request. But if it has been at least three to four days since the last time you went out with your girlfriend or wife, take her out and satisfy her craving to have some fun with you.


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