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How to Kiss

Updated on January 7, 2018

Kissing Lessons - How to Kiss

To do anything correctly one usually has to take lessons. If you want to learn how to ride a horse properly, you take lessons. Even before you drive a car you have to take driving lessons. So it would only make sense that before you started kissing that you have a few kissing lessons.

One of the things that are a very important part of kissing lessons would be that you need to have appealing lips. Dry, cracked lips are not appealing lips I don’t care who you are. To fix that problem is very simple; just add a little bit of lip moisturizer and you’ll be set. If you wish to add a little shine then you can apply some shimmer gloss to get that done. Shimmer gloss will not only add some shine but it will make your lips look a little poutier therefore a little more tempting. Tempting is always a good way to have your lips described.

Another thing to remember in your kissing lessons is to watch your date’s body language. That will tell you if you should even bother trying to get a kiss from them or just leave them be until later on. Look at your date and see how they are acting. If they are acting as though they aren’t having a good time by either watching the clock or simply not getting involved in the conversation, that wouldn’t be the time to try and steal a kiss. But if they look at you with adoration and seem to really be enjoying themselves that would be the time to make your move.

Deciding when is the time to plant a kiss on your date is a whole new part of the kissing lessons. There are many different types of kisses varying from innocent all the way into hard core but it is always best to start easy. Reason being that you can always increase the passion but trying to come down a few notches is never easy to do. And nobody wants to be ravaged on their first kiss anyhow. Movies and television might make it seem that way but that’s only for ratings. Real people want real sincerity, not something that is being mimicked from a movie.

To accomplish sincerity in your kiss, always start with a soft press of your lips to theirs that only lasts a few seconds, then pull away but not too far. Now look at the person. If they are left with a dreamy look on their face or a sheepish smile, place another kiss that can last a second or two longer. On the other hand, if your date looks like a deer in the headlights, another kiss wouldn’t be something that I would suggest. At least not at that time. Maybe later on into your date such as before you head for home, but not at that time.

Something else that is an important part of the kissing lessons is timing. Even if you are ready to place kisses all over your dates face, don’t do it when the time isn’t right. A bad time would be if they’re eating or maybe if they are on the phone. Common sense stuff really but you would be surprised how many people are missing that gene.

How to Kiss a Girl

Guys, I'm sure that all of you have thought about the perfect way to kiss a girl. I'm betting that you all think you are the masters of your art also. But if you're reading this article, odds are that you are looking for some tips on how to kiss a girl and so if you are, odds are you're not the master you thought you were. But how to kiss a girl really isn't all that difficult if you take into account a few different things.

Women don't want a man that acts like a know it all unless he really does know it all. So if you are just trying to wing it, take to heart the things I'm writing to you. Don't be afraid of moisturizers. Not just for your lips, which is a biggie, but also if you have chapped hands or arms. When you learn how to kiss a girl you also need to keep in mind that you want to be attractive to them.

Another important part of how to kiss a girl is to keep oral hygiene in mind. Bad breath has never been good for anything especially a kiss to a lovely lady. Breath mints are a good thing to keep available especially Altoids. They pack a great punch but you don't have to use them. Use anything that will make your breath smell nice, whatever it is.

Something that I can't stress enough is that when you learn how to kiss a girl, remember to keep it gentle. Don't try to feel their teeth through your lips. Start gentle and slow. If you really want to earn some points start by maybe gently brushing her hair from her face before softly pressing your lips to hers for no more than a few seconds. Once you pull your face back, look into her eyes and see what they tell you. If they have a dreamy look in them, then go for another one. But keep in mind, let a kiss just be a kiss.

Using a kiss to work into something else isn't always a good idea. Many women will be far more impressed if you show a little self control and let her chose if she wants it to go any further. That is the part of how to kiss a girl that so many forget. Bonus points can be earned by showing a little self restraint because that means that you care about how the lady feels. And we all know how important that is.

Last, but not least, in my lessons on how to kiss a girl is to not forget the hands. And no, I don't mean let your hands roam all over her. But you can use your hands when you give her that first, real passionate kiss. Use one to pull her close to you while the other caresses her face. Or maybe one hand can be stroking her hair while the other traces her chin. You might not think that this has anything to do with how to kiss a girl but trust me, that would have me wanting to make the first move in no time.

How to Kiss a Boy

Girls, when you decide that you want to learn how to kiss a boy, there are just a few things that you need to keep in mind. How to kiss a boy is something that is easily learned as they are generally happy with anything. Yes, there are those that might be unsatisfied with your run of the mill kisses but odds are, boys are boys. They are happy to not be fantasizing over a picture on their wall. So, now you might be wondering how to kiss a boy so that he is glad that he can’t remember the picture. If you are wondering how to kiss a boy in that way, you’re in luck.

Something to keep in mind when you learn how to kiss a boy is that many boys will want to use a kiss as a step towards something else. So be prepared as to how you will handle that before you even think about kissing that boy. Not all boys are like that so you don’t have to be paranoid that every boy will try to ravage you over one little kiss but just keep it in mind.

Now that we have that out of the way we can learn the other lessons of how to kiss a boy. If a girl is the one that makes the first move she can do one of two things. She will show the boy that she is one who likes to be in control which can be good or she can show that is in control and bossy which would be bad. Before you begin to think about kissing your date, look at his body language. Make sure that he is actually enjoying himself; if he is then you can hint around that you want a kiss. If not then you need to either find a way to get him interested or just call the date what it is and end it. No need to be rash about it but just let him know that you are ready to end the date and head home.

Also keep in mind when you learn how to kiss a boy that it is good to make your lips seem kissable. That can be accomplished by simply adding some lip balm to your lips such as Chap Stick or any kind of shimmer gloss. Shimmer gloss is great because not only does it make your lips seem moist but also voluptuous. It adds a plump look that will draw them to your mouth, making them want to kiss you all on their own.

One of the best things that you can keep in mind when you learn how to kiss a boy is that your body language will tell them what you want far more than words. If you want this boy to kiss you then take an interest in the conversation, show that you actually enjoy being around them. Even if the conversation is something that you might not normally take part in, try your best to find something interesting in it.

How to Make Out

Several things will cross your mind when you begin dating. Things like what if your date doesn’t have a good time, what if they turn out to be the complete opposite of what you had thought they were going to be, or what if you simply don’t like them. And for you teens that are just beginning to date for the first time, you might be wondering how to make out. That is something that some are born with while others never learn the art perfectly. I know some of those people and I will help you avoid making the same mistakes they have made.

One of the first things that you need to keep in mind when you learn how to make out is that you should relax. If you can relax and breath odds are that you will have far greater success in actually making out with your date instead of kicking yourself when it doesn’t happen. Keeping a steady breathing rate will help to keep you pulse regular and therefore keep sweaty palms to a minimum. That is good when you learn how to make out as nobody likes to go on a date with someone whose palms could be used to wash a window.

Also when you learn the art of making out, keep your body language in check. Nerves will always play a huge role in how you act on your date but you still have to ignore those first date jitters. Be confident in yourself and you will have a far greater time. That will also show your date that you are in control, leading to better odds that you will actually end up on a second date.

There are many people who will use making out as a quick step into the bedroom but that isn’t always the best thing. If you make an effort to restrain yourself you are showing your date that you are considerate of their feelings. When that happens, those who have learned how to make out will be well rewarded in their studies. Thinking of your date ahead of yourself proves to them that what they think and feel is important to you and so therefore they will take that into consideration. It’s almost as if you are playing hard to get but in a different way and we all know that hard to get is a rewarding game.

Last but not least when you learn how to make out, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Tongues for instance. When you place that kiss on your date’s lips and you go in for that French kiss, don’t use it to explore their wind pipe. Keep your tongue on a short leash, trying to not go more than maybe an inch or two into their mouth. And try your best to keep the saliva under control so that your date isn’t left having to wipe their mouth off just so that they can talk.

How to French Kiss

Nothing can be nearly as stressful as that first kiss. Maybe not your first kiss ever like the one you had on the playground in kindergarten, but your first real kiss. A kiss that makes your toes curl leaving you never able to forget it. A french kiss. But how to french kiss is something that doesn't come naturally to some. For those, how to french kiss is as foreign as can be with no real idea how to ever do it. Luckily, there are some tips for how to french kiss that will make it a whole lot easier that first time. Or your second, third or even twentieth.

There are a few things that you will want to keep in mind when you learn how to french kiss. The first thing is something I can not stress enough. Lip moisturizer. Nobody likes to think about locking lips with someone whose lips look as though you could use them as sand paper. Nice, moist lips are something that can make a big difference as to whether you will get a kiss or be left high and dry, pardon the pun. If you are a guy, don't worry, you don't have to get the scented and flavored stuff, just something that will make your lips look a little more appealing than a desert.

Also when you learn how to french kiss, remember to tilt your head. You can't give a french kiss with your faces right in line with one another, your noses would bump and one of you might be left with a bloody nose. And you don't have to tilt your head so far over that your ear is laying on your shoulder, just slightly tilted will get the job done. Basically you just want your nose over far enough that it would let your nose rest on their cheek.

When you finally to decide that you have learned how to french kiss and are ready to start, keep in mind that you don't want to shove your tongue completely down their throat. Also, they might not want a french kiss and you can't just stop and ask them either. The best way to test the waters would be, when you are in the middle of a nice kiss, open your lips slightly so that your tongue brushes against their lips. If you feel them open their mouth, then they are willing and open to the idea. If you feel as if your tongue is trying to push its way through a brick wall, best to stop. They are either not in the mood or not into that kind of kiss at the moment.

One of the last things that I will point for those of you learning how to french kiss is to remember to be gentle. I know that we have all watched television and have seen those kisses that left the other persons mouth red from the pressure and passion. But those people are being paid to do that. You, most likely, are not. So keep it gentle and easy. You can always work your way into a deeper kiss, but it's hard to come back from one when the other person wasn't expecting it.


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