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How to Conquer Jealousy

Updated on July 10, 2009

How to Conquer Jealousy

Relationships are more susceptible to jealousy attacks. The important thing to remember is that jealousy can be beat.Jealousy is an emotion and usually refers to negative thoughts and feelings of discordance, fear, and discomfort anticipated a loss of something that people values, such a relationship, friendship, or love. Envy often consists of a combination of emotions such as anger, sadness, and disgust. Envy differs from the green with envy about something one has and fear of losing, while envy refers to something one is not and either wants to win or to prevent others from acquiring.

Jealousy is a familiar experience in relationships with people. Is observed in infant five months old and older. Some claim that jealousy is seen in every culture; However, others claim jealousy is a culture-specific phenomenon.

Experience of Jealousy involves:

  • Fear of loss
  • Suspicion or anger about betrayal
  • Low self-esteem and sadness over loss
  • Uncertainty and loneliness
  • Fear of losing an important person to an attractive other
  • Distrust

Tips on how to conquer jealousy

  1. Talking to your partner about your apprehensions may also help. You may set some rules on behavior at the onset of the relationship and commit to them. This will establish the foundation for trust between the two of you. If at any time, one of you makes a mistake, keep the communication lines open, keep an open mind and discuss the situation. Trust will develop and flourish as the relationship grows.
  2. Exhibit some of the most attractive qualities in you: your common sense, your confidence in yourself and in your ability to attract the other person and maintain his exclusive romantic interest in you, your value as a wise person, and your confidence in your partner’s feelings.
  3. You also have to learn to control your emotions and confront your fears and suspicions in a rational manner. Remember that jealousy can affect everyone. You have to value the effort you and your partner have both put into your relationship. There may be a chance that your assumptions may be baseless. You wouldn’t want to ruin a good relationship if you let your jealousy control you.
  4. Stop comparing yourself to others.
    You should understand the fact that there is always someone better then you. You can’t win it maybe somehow you manage to win but the enjoyment will last only for a matter of time. If you really want to compare, just compare you with yourself. Look at your achievements, your life, look back at things that matter to you most. If you can do this you’ll feel much better, emotionally, mentally.
  5. You have become jealous! Realize it!
    Realizing that you have become jealous probably is the best way to overcoming your jealous feelings. That a long hard looks at yourself, and scan your thoughts, feelings, attachments and see if you have really become jealous. But denial will end you up at the same door.
  6. Avoid negative people.
    Try avoiding negative people, thou I can’t be sure if its 100% achievable, still you can manage to cut-down on the influence of negative peoples. If you encounter negative people and can’t avoid them just make sure you don’t intake there thoughts.
  7. Meditating away of jealous thoughts
    If your mind is clogged with many things, it can easily bring up negative. A stable mind can think and reason about things. Meditating is the best way to make your mind let go of jealousy. Meditate on things like love, spirituality, nature; try diverting your mind from the negative thoughts. Just half an hour a day will surely help getting your head right for the day.
  8. The rest is NOT up to you. The rest depends on your partner and you have no control over it, and whatever you have no control over, should not concern you or be a cause of your anxieties.


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    • profile image

      hubpageswriter 8 years ago

      Good tips here..

    • profile image

      sandra 8 years ago

      hmmm..., thanks for the tips from now on i always remember that i should not compare myself to others... thankz a lot nice article of yours.