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Husbands Excuses

Updated on February 19, 2013

Some Good Excuses!

In every marriage and relationship there are reasonable requests made between the couple. Sometimes tasks that should have been performed are not, or are not performed adequately. Here is a list of some excuses I have heard or used.

"I thought you were going to do it"

"I thought you wanted to do it"

"You said you wanted to do it."

"You told me not to XXXXX bother so I didn't"

"Sorry was it important?"

"Sorry was it urgent?"

"I did not know how to do it"

"It was raining/snowing"

"I got distracted"

"You gave me three things to do. You did not say which was the most important. I froze"

"Oh that rubbish!"

"When I remembered, the shops were closed"

"It's your turn"

"You did not give me the measurements"

"You did not say what size you wanted"

"You did not give me the money"

"I could not find the car keys"

"There was a football match/grand prix on TV - I was going to do it after -then I forgot"

"Oh did you want that doing today?"

"I could not find a screwdriver"

"You like doing that - I did not want to spoil your pleasure"

"I did not know when you would get back so I could not cook"

"Where do we keep the vacuumk cleaner?"

"We have run out of washing up liquid"

"Oh was it important?"

"You did not explain clearly enough."


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