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I Don't Want Your Woman

Updated on April 11, 2018

I'm a Lesbian Not Desperate

OK I get it. If I were a regular everyday working girl and I saw a broad shouldered, skin kissed by the sun, purpose in every step taken, with eyes so dark, locks the perfect pulling length and a smile that melts ice, coming toward me I too would hope to get caught in the cross hairs. However I am not attracted to every woman I see. We as lesbians also have types and styles and prejudices that we live by. Unlike the common myth that every lesbian is just waiting in the bushes for some guy to mess up a perfectly orchestrated heterosexual lady so that we can turn her over to the "dark side". I'm sorry guys you are not that important in our life plans. We actually have other things on our mind other that your woman. We own businesses and run households. We provide for our family's and maintain a happy woman of our own at home.

We are not your enemy

Contrary to popular belief we actually have standards. Now I won't pretend as though in our community we don't have the land roving dogs who assume that they are the answer to every woman's secret fantasy but just like in any other demographic weather it's male, or female, straight or gay, black, white it's all human. These land roving animals exist across every aspect in life so why is it when the demographic is homosexual the rules change?Let's be honest with each other if what you want is a black man you battle with what kind of black man you want. Anyone under 30 years of age is almost out of the question because you don't know exactly how far his pants are retreating from his rump. And if you manage to get a guy who is black and wears his pants on his waist you now question if skinny jeans are something you want to have in common with your man. After that has been crossed out and let's just say he passes you now must know if he's just well groomed or is he as you say "on the down low". So then why are you so unsettled when the lesbian walking in front of you stopped and opened the door for you.

Lets Talk Guys

For the guys...this is such a strange place because males have gotten this gay thing all twisted up. Allow me time to clear the air of this one thing, Lesbians were not put on Earth for your approval. Countless times a guy will say how much he doesn't mind the gays as long as its female. One thing that is constant guys never forget that the lesbian regardless of stud, butch, femme she is still a girl. However when you introduce him to a gay man all equality rules are out of the window. Come on now fellas that isn't nice, you cant be friends with me and deny my brethren of the same freedom. What then happens is our men remain silent about their sexuality and live in fear of exposing himself risking a complete destruction or reconstruction. With a slight change of perspective one can say you heterosexual guys should be very encouraging of gay men being free to live and be who they are because they are not your competition. With that said we as lesbians are not you answers to threesomes. NO it is not a good idea to ask a lesbian into your bedroom. its best to ask another heterosexual woman who is up for the thrill.

Why Can't We Be Friends

Now I ask is the sight of a lesbian crossing your path that monumental? She is exactly what you see when you are naked before a mirror. A woman. Her reason for going into the same grocery as you probably the same for every other human present in someone's grocery, to buy something. Her mission is to go in as fast as she can find whatever it is she's looking for, pay for it and get back to the car without falling behind with her errands. Now what thoughts ran across your cerebral when you noticed her? I guarantee you chances of her giving you a second thought are probably zero unless you make an effort to be recognized. Stop staring and then have the shocked face when she looks at you not with the gay look but the is there a problem look. The same look that your mom would have given you in 1987 if she caught you being rude by staring in the first place. I ask can we all live together as humans and begin learning from one another instead of becoming so defensive. This world is big enough for all of us to cross paths and be considerate.

© 2013 Tiffany C Jefferson


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    • shanmarie profile image

      Shannon Henry 

      4 years ago from Texas

      I particularly like your comment about not staring and the 'is there a problem' look.


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