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I do not believe in "open" relationships.

Updated on September 6, 2016

To each their own but not in my home

Not my thing, not my circus.

To each their own.

Let people live the lives they want and just leave them alone.

But in my life I absolutely do NOT believe in an "open" relationship at all.

I know in this modern day world there are many types of relationships and that is what people wish, may they be happy with open relationships or do whatever in their own lives.

For me, I believe in being only with a "single" person and I have always been open about that and it does NOT mean that other women are to be brought into the picture.

If people want to cheat in their own lives, I am NOT someone to judge, it is there business because I should be focused on my own life and when I am focused things line up.

I think being less concerned with what people want to do in their lives is totally their business.

I am much more happier and at ease when I don't concern myself with others and get more positive results in my own life.

For me, I have very positive people who are shining examples that actually have themselves together that influence me to go in a direction which I should keep going.

I am happier when people have their head on straight, do not have to steal, use people, or do drugs and alcohol to function on a day to day basis but actually are always looking to improve themselves.

The more I surround myself with successful people who are always constantly looking to grow and not looking for revenge or out to hurt people or even the fact they have to say or write about haters, saying how much people do not like them because of jealously but finding ways to improve their lives without looking to destroy other people.

People that do not allow anger to lead their way and have balance are people I like to speak with because in their own experience and wisdom they have attained in life, does seem to influence me in a way that helps me to feel good inside.

I tend to notice when I focus on what I love like nature and animals and my dreams, life is really good and this goes beyond anything on social media but behind closed doors.

With Nature there is this sense and feeling of a good clean energy and very calming.

A man by the name of Bruce Lee mentioned in a quote to "Be like Water" and yes water is very calm at times but at the sametime that body of water can be as strong as can be and can actually take down trees and buildings in trees when it is strong.

But in the stillness and calmness of water in lakes in nature, there is much serenity and calmness and within forests it seems like a spiritual embrace that feels good.

It is not right for me to pass judgement on anyone but to focus solely upon what is inside of myself and what is not like myself, to bring into my close circle because in times in my life that I have brought something different and I do not mean in a positive way it has brought me nothing but distraction and has made me very physical sick.

I think in staying with a way that is very dear to my heart, not to change something that is NOT broken because what is NOT broken I should not have to fix.

Focusing, and always trying to improve myself is what really matters.

Even though I do not understand "open" relationships even when it comes to a single one on one couple but having other people enter into the relationship even to fool around it is just never something I want to be part of my life.

Once again, I believe, since I am a straight woman I believe in ONE man and ONE woman and please do not think I am getting this from some bible quote because I do believe in God and well tend to learn about Buddha but this is what I feel my heart is true.

I believe when it comes to relationship, especially marriage, it would mean I am only interested in one person but not like I am thinking of marriage in my mind but I think you all know what I am getting at.

I am always up front and tell how I am, and do NOT believe in any form of "Open Relationships" at all.

It seriously, seriously is NOT my thing and I no matter what, no one is going to get me to change my way of thinking in my own mind about what a one on one relationship is.

When I write I kind of seem to repeat myself but of course on hub pages, I use it to practice for myself for writing for other things.

Sometimes it is simple to have "less" than "more" because of it will cause less complications in life, including in a relationship.

I solely can not speak the words of other people but I just am happy to believe in what I believe and that is NON-OPEN RELATIONSHIPS, when it comes to the matters of the heart.

Relationships are not just about good times but when times are tough, that is when REAL LOVE COMES in.

All today of social media anyone can look any way they want.

No relationship is perfect and lord knows I am no way perfect and have flaws and scars.

I think in life when we experience things, sometimes certain things with what believe we should not have to experience anything that makes us feel uncomfortable, we should NOT have to partake in things we do NOT believe in and keep on our path.

We can be open to listen to other people's lives and maybe we do NOT understand but in our lives we should be able to live our lives the way we want to and not what others think how we want to live our lives.


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