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I hate my PMS - Why do Woman have to have PMS-pelvis

Updated on October 3, 2011

What PMS

PMS stands for Premenstral Syndrome. It is symptoms experienced my woman before the onset of menstration. About 80 percent of woman expierience some sort of PMS. The symptoms can be fisical or emotional. Symtoms can include, bloating, water gain, pelvic pressure or cramping, nervousness, headache, changes in mood or depression, crying, anger, breast tenderness. Every woman is different and symtoms can range differently with each woman. It has been said that woman have reported over 150 different symtoms. Also symtoms have be worse one month than another.In 1931 this disorder was recognized medically.  I personally hate PMS and wish I didn't have it. Sometimes I feel down and sometimes I feel like biting someones head off.

There is no known proof of why PMS happens but some researchers suggest changes in hormones play a big part. Today there are some treatments for PMS. A healthy lifestyle with exercise and a well balanced diet is a great help. Some experts suggest adding calcium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, or magnesium suppliments could have some benefits. There are also different medications available used to treat the different symtoms of PMS, talk to your doctor about those medications.

 Men can also suffer from PMS too. So when I ask my boyfriend if he has PMS I could be right. It is actually called Irritable Male Syndrome, which has symtoms simular to PMS. Just like PMS, IMS may also happen when the male hormones are fluctuating such as testosterone. for male PMS, to get relief a low fat diet is helpful and stress reduction.

Amazon also sells a book called, solving the puzzle, 16 causes of PMS and what to do about it for only 5.54 and also a 40-count of PMS caplets to help treat those symptoms of PMS for 16.95.


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    • profile image

      lyjo 7 years ago

      Great information....and it is a difficult time, I've always found that proper rest along with exercise & diet helps immensely...thanks, take care!