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I have a special friend to go to social events with

Updated on June 8, 2012

I went to a wedding banquet on Cinco de Mayo on 2012 with other family members including a person that failed to forge a family bond. I sat next to him during the social event at night. He voraciously wiped his mouth with the tablecloth multiple times. I honestly saw him not using a napkin that was placed on the dinner table reserved for a seated person to use. This particular wedding was the first event that I had thought about a certain special friend. Note that I barely attend any social outings.

The special friend is not an individual who I shall not emulate. She smokes, drinks alcoholic beverages, uses profanity, and gambles away her hard earned money. Performing her job duties without utilizing any illegal means is one grand positive thing that she does. There are plenty of things I could learn from her. I currently have saltine crackers to eat. I learned from her that consuming salt is a way to get rid of feeling hungry. Furthermore, a big box of saltine crackers cost only $2.00 at Big Lots. The price is important to me since I’m not working. I was making $8.10 an hour when I started to work on this hub. Another useful tidbit that I learned from her is to place baby powder on myself to prevent me from sweating. It wasn’t a perfect solution because my feet were still sweating when I was working and walking around even after putting some of the product on my soles. I believe I sweat more easily than most people. Fortunately for me I’m not sweating quite a bit on other spots that had some baby powder.

Now you have partial knowledge of how influential this special friend has on me. I am very grateful that her presence in my life has involved plenty of positive things.

There is someone who is similar to my special friend.

Interesting that on a night I was doing some writing on this hub at a former workplace, a supervisor was willing to drive not only me, but also three others home. That generosity reminded me of my special friend. The supervisor didn’t like the idea of people taking public transportation late at night and staying overnight at workplace to avoid being out when it is dark. Lastly, the supervisor would make sure that each person that she drops at a dwelling goes in safely. Those concepts also reminded me of my special friend. She knows how to and goes the extra mile to be kind to others. I find all the similarities fascinating. Obviously!!! Nevertheless, there’s no chance for me to have another special friend in my life because of the circumstances has changed. Maybe someday I’ll get another one. Hopefully.

She fixed me

Less than a month later after Cinco de Mayo 2012, I learned something else from my special friend. With her help, I am able to be less of a weirdo and not be depressed and anxious over things that I can’t control. Or, to be more accurate, things that I shouldn’t worry about because I’m unable to control every single detail in life. It is imperative that I take care of myself since not a lot of other people are either willing or able to assist me. I fully understand that. Therefore, it is best for me from now on to only think about my mom and me.

Being concerned just for my mom and me makes sense. I am able to communicate with her on some subjects, and she absolutely did a terrific job of taking care of me when I was an infant, toddler, young kid, teenager, young adult and adult (30 years total) until her health sharply declined. I should also be preoccupied with my immediate needs such as food, shelter, sleep, and hygiene.

Grand Conclusion

I rather go to social events with my special friend since she is willing to listen to me talking about myself. I will always enjoy listening to words of wisdom coming from her big brain. I do not want to be annoyed. No one does. She does know how to make people laugh, and of course, feel good about themselves.


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