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I learned my way of life is a good way, it may not work for all.

Updated on August 31, 2014

Free to be a "free spirit".

My path is chosen by me which ensures my freedom.

In loving my life and how I live, it may not work for all and may anger others.

If people choose to live their lives the way they want to, then they should not be angered at mine for having freedom to live mine the way it is because they are angered how they ended up in life.

Of course people are so stuck and so confined that even if they had a solution in front of them to better their own life, they rather stay in misery and make everyone else around them miserable.

The best thing in my life, I do not keep around those that are truly miserable with themselves and if I go to do things or enjoy anything in my life I only keep those that are content in their own lives which will keep a beautiful circle around me.

People talk about being positive when on social media sites, but only see other people's lives and are upset at themselves and disgusted with themselves so they have to take it out on other people.

Unhappy people always take things out on others, because basically they can't find ways to be happy so in turn they want to see other people feel the misery they do.

I learned that i can still do my own thing and do things I love.

Working out, doing things and enjoying films I love without hesitation of really doing things I love.

People don't like or enjoy anything I do, it is quite alright because I never let "words" stop my actions of furthering my life.

In fact anything that did happen to me where things didn't workout was because they were toxins that festered so now in my life, I wouldn't be thinking of moving to California or doing the happy things I work hard on doing.

I just keep trucking along and each day I wake up "glowing" and loving each day.

Maybe not at this very second I am able to move out to California, but because I am not tied down to anyone or anything when I am done with a few of things I am doing here I can go.

I think it is a blessing that I didn't end up with any guys in my past because I would not be doing and enjoying the things I would be doing today.

I also think if I was ever stuck with anyone in my past, I would not have the friends I have today and talk with that are successful in their own way, in which I am happy to speak with these intelligent people who have made their own way in life.

It isn't hard to be happy at all and if you worried about another person's life all the time then you are not happy with yourself and you might have insecurities about yourself, so you have to work on those first.

People can tell when people are insecure with themselves because they indeed will just throw themselves away and just settle for less.

I think maybe it is because they don't have people to show them good examples of truly wonderful things in this world, so they settle for thing and people around them that will never improve their life.

I learned I can't just settle with less that what is in my heart and glad I learned so I don't have to make mistakes that will make me chained to my past.

Onward and upwards and keep rolling along is what we must do.

Happiness doesn't depend on another person.

Happiness is your own and comes from your own heart and no one can take your happiness away from you, but yourself.

Look to discover your "true" self and like myself when I had taken a step back and looked at myself to see my "true" self, I got happy.

It was like a switch that was turned on inside and it hasn't been shut off since.

I am not sure if it is associated with the more I workout, but if indeed it is because I do, then I want to keep working out because it makes me happy and working out is good for you.

Of course I know not everyone can enjoy the life I have or lead so I am thankful that I am given the life that I have.

It is seriously up to me to take each day with a grain or salt or maybe I should say a little bit of sugar so my day stays sweet.

Of course not everyday maybe great as the next, but the day ends and the next morning is upon me that could end up being a great day.

So I feel as though as each day passes by, the easier it is for me to breathe.

Also mentioning that I want to move to California I make sure each week I keep getting rid of more and more things, so when the time comes the less I have to move with and that will be a release of less work to obtain faster and easy travel to get to my destination.

Maybe California might be the last stop of where I would want to live the rest of my life.

Of course I know it is just like any other state but in places in California some places don't have any winter and I want to live in a warmer climate during the freezing months on the east coast.

So once again not having to worry about being tied to anyone it is indeed was favorable favors the universe helped me out with.

The universe did listen to me when I said I wish for a better life and the universe went ok, we need to subtract things and some people from your life so your future will be much brighter.

After that, at first I was unsure what my futures holds, but many years later I am happy with the results that I see each day.

Being able to breathe and live the life I do is very comforting.

I am glad my life turned out the way it did.

I wouldn't change it for the world.


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  • Shelly Nun-Chucks profile image

    Shelly NunChucks Ninja 3 years ago from worldwide

    thank you so much!!

  • ordinarywmn profile image

    Charlie Alejandro 3 years ago from MA-PA

    I absolutely love this article. It's so positive and it's absolutely true. People really do need to learn to live their life in their own way and not care so much about what others think or are doing. Keep up the great work you are an amazing writer!