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I learned to be around smart men.

Updated on September 12, 2012

Intelligence is Sexy!


Wise men are stimulating.

Why o' why, did someone not wake me up years ago?

I know live and learn from your big mistakes.

Well I guess when you do settle, you get what you deserve.

I promised myself I will never do that ever again.

As in life, you learn.

Most of what we learn is through experiences, sometimes

they are bad.

I wish someone could have told me in my 20's and early

30's to wake up and find intelligent men with brains.

I also try to stay away from unintelligent, brainless, uneducated men,

who are nothing but ignoramus neanderthals.

Maybe it could do something with stepping in a dojo and

talking with many teachers from different places around the world.

Even the men, who came from different countries, that were

teachers, could even communicate with me, because they

knew exactly how to communicate, even thought there was a

language barrier.

But from then on, even after the first time I stepped into the dojo,

(I had decided to finally learn some martial arts, and had wanted

to since I was little) I realized, intelligence is something, where you never want to stop

growing and want to keep educating yourself.

I was very foolish to surround myself years ago, with

the most unintelligent people I had met in my life.

So I feel blessed that I have been saved, and

lucky to have God in my life.

(Ok, so maybe not everyone out there, might

not believe in what I believe, this is just me,

and I'm not going to push my beliefs upon anyone.)

I started to learn about other people's religions,

and just listen to them.

I liked to learn about Mother Theresa and her work

with the poor.

Ghandi, Buddha, and many other things.

I am glad to have a teacher who is able to help me,

that is very educated and brilliant.

But with relationships, I do have a special

"Tiger" and to know that his mind is

what him very special to me.

To hold intelligent conversations and

to keep talking with each other for a long time.

Intelligent men are indeed sexy.

There is no doubt.

Also when a men is well rounded,

mind, body, and spirit, that is something

that shows.

Now I'm not talking about a man being

cocky, but confident.

Women love men who are confident.

I don't know the secrets to men, and

how they work; I just know, that

when a man has a mind and uses

it, that indeed is a turn on .


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