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"I love you ,really I do"

Updated on March 29, 2011

"I love you."

Heading out the door for the day. "Love you, sweetie." How many times have you heard this? How many times have you done it? Love is not telling someone that you love them. In fact, if you truly love someone, you don't actually "need" to say it.

This short was inspired by a conversation I had recently. A conversation with someone who deserves and gives love.

I'm speaking of romantic love here, though many of these principles apply to all love.

This is the most commonly abused, misused phrase in any language. Love is a state of mind- a state of being- a feeling that defies description. No one can tell someone who's never been in love what it feels like.

Love is something absent ego- absent self gratitude. Love is something that you give another without ever expecting any credit for doing so. Not to say love should not be reciprocal. But love is something that you show someone. You know the little things that fill their heart with warmth. You enjoy doing this because their happiness fills your heart-- not because you expect something in return.

The gifts of love are quite simple- compassion, honesty, generosity, loyalty, selflessness, understanding and a desire to make that person happy, every single moment. You share these things because that person makes you melt every time you look at them. Their smile, laughter, wit, quirkiness, that person's unique grasp on your heart.

Do things for those that you love because they make you feel that they are the one-and-only them. Do the little things that make them happy, just because. Do so without expecting enormous praise. Remember the things your loved one says. Act on them randomly!

This person can disarm you with a single glance- but you're not afraid of that weakness. You aren't, because you trust them, you care about them, you really love them with every last fiber of your being.

Love is trust, along with all of these other things. The next time you tell someone you love them, think about what you're saying. Feel that... because when you don't, all it is are the words "I love you". No truer words have ever been spoken than "actions speak louder than words".

Show the one you love that you love them. Stop just saying it...


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    • joecseko profile image

      Joe Cseko jr 7 years ago from New York, USA, Earth

      Thank you, sir.

    • Wealthmadehealthy profile image

      Wealthmadehealthy 7 years ago from Somewhere in the Lone Star State

      Truer words were never spoken....