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I need A Dream Operator.

Updated on November 2, 2009


I Need A Dream Operator


Disconnected from love any number of tries,
Long distance takes tolls
when you're three quarters shy,
or you get busy signals
from that one girl or guy,
and call waiting is just that,
you wait and you sigh.

Phones ringing off walls,
leave you wondering why,
Your in-box is blank space
where no one replies.
Plus your caller I.D.
is both blocked or ignored,
and your voice-box holds nothing
but laryngitis stored.

When the last call you made,
was a prayer to the Lord,
and the only sounds heard
are what you pre-record.
When Verizon's horizon,
is a desert abhorred,
don't go hanging yourself
from a telephone cord.

Just dial "I- M- SO- L O N E L Y "
which in numbers will read,
467-656-plus four more yet keyed
then punch -6359 ...
find just what you need.
A dream operator,
who can help you succeed,
in finding the answers to
what makes your soul bleed.

A bevy of beauties
each stuck just like you,
in area codes far
beyond all that's blue,
she'll direct you,
connect you and then you will be,
no longer a roamer on A.T.+T.
you'll become a roam-mancer
setting lonely hearts free.


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