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The Benefits of Having a Best Friend

Updated on July 20, 2020
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Josephine is a gender enthusiast with qualification as a social worker

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A best friend can have many benefits in your life, from lifting your mood, improving your confidence level, making you more honest, giving you a listening ear during hard times, to enhancing the quality of your life. Let's look at some of the benefits of friendship.

1. Source of comfort

A best friend has the potential to enhance your mood in various situations. For example, if you have received some bad news, you are more likely to call up your best friend for comfort as the bond continues to grow. It becomes natural for you to want to share your thoughts with your best friend. You find that you are not afraid to share your weaknesses with them, as they will rarely judge you. Instead, they will sympathize and empathize with you.

2. Confidence level

Friends are also essential as they help in boosting your confidence level. In most cases, friends encourage us to be our best, both physically and spiritually. A friend will be open with you and tell you how good or bad you are doing—enabling you to improve on your week points. You end up feeling better about yourself as you progress. Most of the time, friends are there to offer validation to you, which in itself is a confidence booster.

3. Listening ear

A best friend is a person who avails themselves to you when you need them. —one who not only listens to your side of the story without passing judgment. But, also emphasize and understand where you are at in life. A best friend will listen carefully to what you are saying. It could be they are sharing a story that you've heard a million times before, yet, because you love and care for them, you patiently listen.

4. Improving the quality of our lives

While attending functions, such as weddings, burials, and other social gatherings around the community, your friend offers you companionship. In most cases, developing a fantastic relationship makes you achieve much more than you usually do as friends push you to believe in yourself and your abilities, thus improving your life. Also, a friend will motivate you to grow and better yourself.

5. Stress reduction

A best friend acts as your stress reliever since most of the time, you download your worries and cares about them. It allows them to be calmer and at peace with themselves and with the world around them.

6. Value

A best friend understands that you are essential to them. It makes them respect your friendship. Having the knowledge that a person cares for you unconditionally makes it easy to open up and share about what is bothering you.

7. New perspective

A friend will point you in a better direction by offering unbiased advice. Even though sometimes you can be hard-headed and dismiss their opinion. When you listen and implement it, you realize that its valuable information that will help solve some of your issues differently.

8. Loyalty

A good friend will defend you and will not tolerate others speaking behind your doesn't matter if you are the only one on their side. A friend will ensure that they guard you in every way possible.

9. Being supportive

A best friend sees your potential and believes in your dreams no matter how small they may appear. A friend knows what you are capable of accomplishing. So, they support you where possible and also hold you accountable to your goals.

You may be wondering where you can get such friends. Here are some pointers

  • Getting a best friend is no easy feat. As such, you should be proactive by attending community festivals. Here you get to show off your talent and, at the same time, meet potential friends who are participating. Communal functions like chess, horse riding, playing cards, and racing. Guarantee ways of meeting and socializing with potential friends.
  • Once you have attended a few meetings, you are eligible to receive invites from your friends. Ensure you accept and extend invites to your friends. People tend to bring along other friends.
  • You can also plan to be taking walks. As you do, you will meet different people who have the potential to be your best friend. Most people who walk tend to have social demeanor. Thus they are very friendly.
  • Taking a day off your busy schedule to volunteer is such an excellent course. And one that will allow you to meet people who share the same interest as you.


These are some of the benefits you can get from a good friend and a list of some of the places that you can meet them.


Friends | Source
Friends | Source

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