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Ideas Grow Here...

Updated on December 30, 2014

The Mind is a Beautiful Thing

The human mind is fascinating. I find that I’m perpetually intrigued by the thoughts and actions of those I encounter each day. There is no book, no movie, and no music as entertaining to me as the uniqueness of people. As I found myself today at the airport, dropping off my boyfriend for yet another departure I sought distraction from the good-bye at hand.

In an effort to avoid his knowing, loving eyes I traveled over the walls, the floor, and even the ceiling before deciding I needed a bit more intrigue. Finally, I began the study of those flowing around me. On the surface it’s simple to see that we are all individual canvases and although I find beauty in the physical aspects that separate us, it is the mind and the heart of each person that truly makes this world diverse and enriched.

When I sat down to write out my closing thoughts for the day I was overcome with a need to express the ideas which grew inside my own mind and heart today. You see, as I was studying those around me, soaking up the expressions of stress, love, and even anger it was my interpretations that were captivating me. (I can imagine that other people watching lovers were equally provoked to create a story within themselves. One would be hard pressed not to when watching two lovers saying good-bye, one rapidly blinking her eyes to combat tears and looking everywhere but at him directly while the other was ardently expressing his love and affection in words and gestures.)

Allow me to circle back to my opening line, “The human mind fascinates me.”

Here I am, an individual dealing with a mini crisis and my brain automatically kicks into survival mode! Every logical fiber of me is screaming, “Block it out! Pretend this isn’t happening!” and my brain goes into overdrive to do just that! On the spot I was creating entire stories about the moments which led up to the faces I was viewing. When that wasn’t enough I had to build background so I wrote the script for the hours which preceded and in the case of one gathering of family members (my interpretation again) I created a life story. Simultaneously my heart is beating rapidly, my breathing is stuttered, my throat feels tight, and my stomach is churning because my body is still aware of this man, my best friend who continues to run his thumbs over the back of my hands he hasn’t let go of and who continues to whisper sweet words of adoration while kissing my forehead…this man who knows me so well…that in the middle of his own torturous good-bye begins to chuckle.

It pulls me from my story line. I’m right back in the moment, standing in his arms and staring into his eyes. All of my defenses are down and I’m soaking up the love and the tears are rapidly building and he chuckles again…and I know…he knows I’ve done it again. I’ve allowed myself to get lost in the world of stories within me. I’ve worked hard to steel myself for the good-bye and he hugs me tighter and loves me more for being me.

That is his greatest gift to me. It’s not acceptance. It’s so much more. This girl, who gets lost in emotions and words and endless ideas, is wondrous to him, lovely and delightful. Again, I’m back to “The human mind is fascinating.” We are all made more special by the details which come together to make us whole. It is quite astonishing though when you consider just how those details play out individually in us and how those details determine how we each perceive and interpret others.


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