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Ideas To Surprise Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Updated on November 24, 2013

Surprises are an excellent way of conveying your love, bundled up in a different package. An unpredictable surprise is bound to delight your partner and convert an ordinary day into an unforgettable one. Surprises are a way of showing your partner that you are as considerate, loving, thoughtful and original as when they met you for the first time and fell in love with you. It will also give you a chance to prove that your partner did not make a wrong choice by falling in love with someone like you.

Why are Surprises Important?

Every relationship, whether new or old, thrives on an element of unpredictability and fun. If you have been living with your boyfriend or girlfriend for quite some time now, you might have noticed that your relationship does not carry the same appeal that was present when you started dating each other. This is quite a commonly observed phenomena where in relationships tend to settle in a routine and a person starts taking his or her partner for granted. This can often signal the bubbling up of a serious issue and can destroy a ‘once happy’ relationship because the partners do not feel connected anymore.

Hence, if you have observed any signs that might signal that your relationship is going towards the same phase, there is every need to stir up the things that have become dormant. You can think of some fun ways through which you can surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend and spice up the zing that your relationship might have lost.

Surprises Do Not Have To Be Heavy On the Pocket

In order to surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend, you are not required to spend a fortune. Something as simple as a ‘Love You’ note that is hand written and put up on the front door can bring that beautiful smile on your partner’s face.

It can be quite a lovely feeling when you are able to appreciate certain things about your partner that they themselves are not sure about. For instance, saying something like ‘I love the way you look at me’ can actually make them fall in love with you all over again.

Simple Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend

You might have come across couples who are unimaginably crazy about each other. This does not mean that they have a magical relationship but are simply more expressive and generous when it comes to displaying their affection for each other. Even you can be part of such an exciting relationship by behaving unpredictably with your boyfriend and making him feel how special he is.

· Plan a Home Cooked Meal

On any ordinary night, invite your boyfriend over for dinner and surprise him with a carefully set up table of home cooked meal that is decorated with flowers and candles. He will be very pleased by the efforts you put in for him and will most certainly reciprocate in the like manner.

· Take Him To His Favorite Game

If you are as normal as other women are, you will probably not be too comfortable with the idea of your boyfriend spending an entire day with his bunch of friends at a ballgame. However, just for once, make him happy by letting him have his own way. Purchase two tickets for a game that he desperately wants to catch and enjoy a sports date with him.

· Give Him Gifts and Flowers

Since ages, surprise gifts and flowers have played a wonderful role when it comes to making your partner feel special. Send him a big bunch of flowers at work or buy him a gift, something that he wanted to have.

· Experiment With Your Appearance

It is true that your boyfriend loves you the way you are, but once in a while, there is no harm in changing the way you look, the way your boyfriend would love to see you.

· Throw A Surprise Party

Throw a surprise party and invite his family and most cherished friends and take good care of them. This will not only take him by surprise but will also make him realize how much you respect the people who are important to him.

Simple Ways to Surprise Your Girlfriend

Although, many men feel that it is impossible to make a woman happy, the reality is entirely different. All your girlfriend requires from you is lots of love and appreciation that will make her feel special. So, if you want to become the Best Boyfriend Ever, use some of these infallible ways to surprise your girl.

· Cook a Meal For Her

There can be nothing more romantic and heartwarming than a guy who takes out time and effort to put together a meal for his girlfriend. It will definitely make her feel special.

· Surprise Gifts and Flowers

A woman loves unexpected gifts and flowers as much as men do, so make her smile by sending across a lovely bouquet to her. This can be accompanied by simple gifts like chocolates and soft toys.

· Take Her Out For Shopping

We all know how crazy women are for shopping. And, this activity becomes all the more enjoyable and fun when they are accompanied by their boyfriend who helps them select stuff and carry their shopping bags.

· Appreciate Her

Every woman wants to feel special and particularly with the guy whom she loves. So, make sure to appreciate and compliment her on a regular basis, whether it is for something she has prepared or the way she looks. Make her feel as if you have eyes only for her.

· Plan a Holiday

In case you feel that you both need some time off, surprise her by planning a holiday or a luxury cruise or even a small picnic. This will help you spend quality time with each other.

Final Word

So, now you know that one of the most effective ways in which you can revive your love life is by springing lovely surprises on your girlfriend or boyfriend. Not only will they love being treated in a special manner but will also reciprocate with something fun and unexpected. So, next time you feel your relationship is getting derailed, take that first step of surprise and pave way for a healthier love life.


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      Shawmick 4 years ago from India


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      Ancillotti 4 years ago from Brasil, Vitoria - ES

      Great idea my friend! I was willing to try them all! I will show this text to my girlfriend. We love making surprises for each other and this gives very right, the relationship becomes much more enjoyable. Thanks for ndicas and a big hug!