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Ideas on how to Say I Love You

Updated on February 23, 2010

I love you

There are many ways to express your love to your significant other. The expression "I Love You" should be shouted everywhere if you feel that way. It's so amazing to feel that love and have it in return.

Here are some ideas on how to say I love you:


1. Kissing: There is nothing like a connection between a man and woman through kissing. Kissing is something special; it stops time for that second or minute. To me it says I love you and want to be with you.

Express your love and give a kiss!


2. Giving gifts: I love it when I receive gifts from my significant other. It really shows me that he cares and wants to please me. I feel a sense of wanting and love from that. Giving gifts shows me that he loves me. Buy a gift or even make one. If you make one it will show that you actually spent your sweet time on it.

Express your love and give a gift!


3. Letter or note: Write a letter to your significant other or a small note telling them how much you love them and care. I think it's the cutest thing when a man takes his time and writes a letter to me. It makes me smile so much and I feel so loved and appreciated. Write things that you find great in that person and what makes them so special to you. You can even write a letter and mail it. Make it personal!

Express your love and write a letter!


4. Suprise your significant other. Show up at their work (if appropriate) or on their break. Take him/her out to lunch or dinner. Surprise her with flowers. This shows that you can take time out of your life to show them you love them.

Express your love and surprise your significant other!


Take him/her on a special date: Take your mate on a special date. An outing at a favorite restaurant is always nice or even a new one. A nice candlelight dinner at home is even better. You can even set up a picnic somewhere.

Express your love by taking him/her out!


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