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31 Things a Man Will Do If He Loves You

Updated on December 5, 2016

Men will say anything to keep a girl they can used to achieve their selfish interests, even profess that they love them even when opposite is the case because what some men say contradict their actions. Hence, you can’t take a peek inside the head of a man, then how will you know if he really loves you if he doesn’t come out and say it? Well, the signs will be there so rather than listen to their sugarcoated tongue, you just have to know what to look for. The truth is that if a man really loves you, he'll do these things, even if he hates the idea of doing them with a passion. There is no "I can't" in the dictionary for a man who is genuinely in love. Here are 31 things to watch out for:

1. Trust you

A good relationship is built on trust. A man who cares about you won't suspicious of your actions or intentions.

2. He protects you

He will be a shield from injury or destruction because men have a natural instinct to protect their loved ones from threats. If he can't even stand up for you when someone's insulting you to his face, he's not really in love with you. He will take care of you when you’re sick, even though your nose is dripping and there’s vomit everywhere.

3. Won’t take your love for granted

He’ll never take your love for granted. He’ll continue to woo you, even though he already has you.

4. Point out your mistakes

If a man really loves you, he will lovingly help you be your best self by pointing out your mistakes and sometimes that means warmly helping you see areas that could use some improvement.

5. He wants to commit

He must be committed enough to be willing to crawl the mire and muck of life with you despite the sheer number of eligible women who find themselves smitten. A man who's genuinely in love with you will want to commit to you, even if he was a playboy before meeting you.

6. He will try to satisfy your sex needs

Sex is the most intimate form of unity. A man in love will try to satisfy your sex needs. He will make an effort to give you an orgasm. You don’t have to climax every single time you have sex, but you should climax the majority of the time. He will not feel happy leaving you hungry for sex.

7. He follows through with his promises.

A man who makes promises he cannot keep is not a man who cares about you. Men who actually love the girls they are with want the girls to trust them and think highly of them knowing that broken promises lead to less respect and less trust. If he keeps reneging on his promises, it's time to leave because he is not serious.

8. Forgive you

He must stay in a mood of continual forgiveness because you are going to make mistakes and t's part of being human. And someone who truly loves you is going to choose to love you in spite of it. he will forgive you when you hurt him, without holding grudge against you.

9. He'll be remorseful if he's hurt you

A man will buckle and apologize when he realizes that he's hurt someone he really loves and try to become a better person for his love. He’ll make an effort to come to compromises if you two disagree on something, and wouldn’t allow it to be a big blowout.

10. Compliment you

They can't help but tell you how great you are. He will tell you how much he appreciates you by telling you how pretty you are. Relationships can be greatly helped by saying the right things, or greatly damaged by saying the wrong things. He will say thank you for the meals you fix for him telling you, you are a good cook.

11. He won't hurt you.

A man who hits you, insults you, neglects you, and rejects you doesn't love you. A man who truly does love you will apologize to you after a fight, because he hates the thought of you being mad at him.

12. Spend quality time with you

If a man cares about you, he will give you undivided attention. It is a powerful emotional communicator of love. He will make you a priority over watching television or reading newspapers and other things in life that are demanding their attention. When you find a great relationship, he’s still going to want to get out of the house and spend some time away with his buddies. . It’s healthy to take a night off every week.

13. He prioritizes you.

If a man loves you, you become his top priority. He'll cancel big plans he had with his friends, because an emergency came up and he knows you need him. He will make sure that you are happy with him and want to be with him. He will turn down any other woman flirting with him because there’s no way in hell he’d ever cheat on you.

14. He will provide for you

He will take up the responsibility of being the provider for you. If he honestly wants to spend the rest of his life with you, then he has to prepare for the future by saving money so that he can provide for you. He will resist the urge to waste all his cash on alcohol and will work alongside you to save up money for a house.

15. Touch you

Physical touch is a powerful vehicle of communicating love. People who care about each other want to be physically closer to each other. If your partner reaches out to put an arm around you or hold your hand, it's a sign that they care.

16. Really care about how your day went

When you return from work every day, he will be genuinely interested in how the day went. If he loves you, he will actually want to know about the details of what you experience during the day and make his input in making the tomorrow better. He’ll want an update on what’s going on at work because he feels you are important.

17. He shows up to dates on time.

He will make an effort to plan dates. If he shows up late on a regular basis is someone who doesn't see you as a priority and doesn't respect your time. When you're a priority, he will go out of his way to get to date locations on time and he might even show up early even though he’d never been there before.

18. Tell their family about you

If he likes you, there's no way he will be able to resist telling his family about you.

19. Help you with domestic chores

He will go to grocery shopping with you, because he doesn’t want you to be forced to take care of all of the household chores on your own. He will wash the dishes when he knows that you’ve had a super rough day. He will cook for you, even if he’s never picked up a spatula in his entire life.

20. He is supportive

He will support in any project you have be it presentation in the college or your career. Whatever way he shows his support, he wants you to be successful in everything you do. This is a sign of love.

21. He’ll make an effort to text back promptly

A man who is in love really doesn't ignore his girl. He wants to chat with her regularly, and can't handle keeping her hanging. If he's taking hours or even days to reply, he's probably doesn’t love you.

22. He tries to impress you

When a man loves you, he'll be trying his best to make a good impression. He will make an effort to make you happy. He’ll hang out with your friends and try his best to have a good time, even though they have zero things in common and go to your family parties, even though he doesn’t know anyone and is going to end up following you around like a puppy the entire time. He will wear the ridiculous looking sweater you bought him, because he knows it would make you happy and fly to Bahamas for a fun vacation with you, even though he’s terrified of planes.

23. He should make an effort to keep himself healthy. If he loves you, he’ll take care of himself, so that you two can have a long life together.

24. He opens up.

If he’s always open with you; it’s the easiest way to build trust, then there’s no reason to doubt what he says. If a man won't open up, it's a sign that he doesn't trust you and you can't have love without trust.

25. He asks for your opinion and takes it into consideration.

If a man cares about what you think. He wants to make choices you will approve of, and seeks your opinion. He will allow you to speak your mind freely, but will also challenge you when he disagrees. it's a sign he loves you.

26. He will treat you like a best friend

As his best friend, he will confide in you. He will be there for you in times of need. He is someone you can really connect with.

27. He introduces you to everyone he knows and shows you off.

If he loves you he will introduce you to his friends and family members. This is a huge indicator that he's proud to be seen with you, and it's also a sign that he's serious about his love for you. If he's not doing that, he probably don’t love you.

28. He should make an effort to look good

He will try to be his best self if he cares about you. He thinks you are pretty spectacular; and will do his best to be a version of himself that is worthy of someone as great as you. He should at least look presentable but doesn’t have to wear a suit and tie during every date. Say, “I love you” in front of his guy friends, even if it means they’ll call him whipped for the next decade.

29. He will listen to your needs and wants

The man who loves you will listen to you and the things that really matter to you, whenever they’re reasonable, but he’s also going to back out when they’re unrealistic.

30. Take note of your birthday and anniversaries

A man that loves you will endeavor to take note of your birthday and your anniversaries, no matter how bad he is with dates.

31. Talk about the future

If a man really loves you, he or she will want to include you in his future plans because he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. He knows life wouldn’t be the same without you.

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