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If You're A Man You Should Own These

Updated on April 29, 2014

If you want to present yourself as a responsible, engaging, intelligent modern man, these must be the items you have in your arsenal.


You need to show that you are at least interested in travel and you never know when a really good deal on a trip will come. Don’t just think that you can get one on a short notice, it will take 1-2 months for you to receive your passport, costing around $100. There is an option to rush it in about 2 weeks, but that will cost almost $200.

Tailored Suit

As you enter your later years, you’re going to start attending big events: monumental birthdays, job interviews, and weddings. They only way you’re going to get every woman wish you’re their boyfriend/son/arm candy is to dress to impress. It is important that you have a suit that fits you the right. A lot of men, choose to have a baggier suits because of a more comfortable feel, but all this does is make you look unappealing, and perceives you as someone who lacks carelessness to appearance, which is a major turn off to women, and especially potential employers. If done correctly, a professional tailored suit will contour to your body, but you also enable you to have full range of motion and accentuate your best features.

Running Shoes

An expensive pair. Why? Spending a lot of money on running shoes may get you to actually run. Your thought should be; “I spent all this money on these, might as well use them." These types of shoes are also good for days when you are going to spend most of it on your feet. Light, flexible, supportive soles are good for amusement park trip, picnics, attending sporting events, anything that’s going to put constant pressure your ankles and knees to reduce soreness.

1 Brand of Cologne

It’s important to smell nice. That should be known. It’s also important to be consistent with your smell. You should stick with one brand of cologne so you can be associated with that smell. I like to think of it as Pavlov’s theory of classical condition: even if I’m not around, you smell my brand of cologne, you think of me.

Jack/Tire Iron/Jumper Cables

If you’ve never needed one of these, congratulations, you are in an extremely exclusive club. I am willing to bet my car that you will not go the rest of life without ever having car trouble. Being prepared is very important, you don’t want to end up stranded on a dark road that reminds you of scene from a horror movie. Or you can call triple A, but I wouldn’t admit that anyone.

Money Clip/ Card Holder

Nothing is more embarrassing than when you are trying to pay and you whip out a bulky, faded, unorganized wallet. It’s the baggy suit of holding your money. A huge wallet poking through back pocket will stick out like a sore thumb, and if you’re in a crowded setting, susceptible to being pickpocketed. You shouldn’t carry more than your license, a credit card, your bank card, and health insurance card so a thin card holder is perfect. You should always have cash. On a normal day, no more than $40 for small things like coffee, lunch etc.. a money clip will keep your cash organized and able for quick access.

Extra Cell Phone Battery

iPhone users can skip this, but it’s important to have a have a backup battery. The end of a long outing can leave you with a drained battery and if you get lost on the road or you break away from a group, it’ll be very important to be able to contact people and a fresh battery can keep you out of potential.

A Good Wine

You’re having a dinner party or you’re date went very well and she wants to go to your place, a good wine can make or break the success of the night. A palatable wine can put people in positive and comfortable mindset, and it will help people see you as a good host They will rave about you to their friends, and it will only help your confidence and social life.

Which do you think is the most important thing a man should own

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