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If You're Single and You Know it...

Updated on August 13, 2014

You're Egotistical

Not a terrible trait to have considering your confidence level, but some see it as a flaw. Most people wouldn't consider surrounding themselves with self-absorbed/centered individuals especially on a personal level. The trick to over-coming this is? Stop being egotistical or find someone who fuels that fire for you. This is likely to be someone with the same problem. Just don't let it turn into a competition! That'd be a bit unhealthy.

You're a Single Parent...

I just wanna say, SHOUT TO ALL THE SINGLE PARENTS WHO HOLD IT DOWN ON THERE OWN! Ehhem...excuse my outburst. But yes, being a single parent is rough in the love life department. First of all, you want to be able to keep your kids first without dragging someone else into the mix. Your babies are always #1...I hope. Second, you find it extremely hard to find someone you are willing to bring around your children for the long haul. Not only do they have to satisfy your needs but your children's approval also. If your kid doesn't feel comfortable with them you already know the answer. Go with your kids instincts...they are usually right.


You Set High Standards...

Just because you are single does not mean you are weak. You just set particularly high standards for yourself as to not jump into disaster. This is a good thing and a bad thing. When your standards set too high you may over look the perfect person for you. Maybe it's the fact they don't make as much money as you want them to or your maybe your image of Cinderella or Prince Charming might be a blonde...but your real life fairy tail ending is a middle class brunette!

You Work Too Hard and Often...

Working too much or too little can cause volumes of issues in finding and keeping a relationship. There has to be a happy medium. Spending too little time with someone whom you are romantically involved with may cause wondering eyes on their part. They may feel avoided or not receiving the attention they need. Spending TOO much time, on the other hand, causes all types of problems. Being with someone 24 hours a day gives you more time to pick out the little things that annoy you about them and more time to let those things bother you. Get away from those minor annoyances once in a while and you'll appreciate them so much more. Spend enough time away and you might even miss the obnoxiously loud chewing noises!


Why are you still single?

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You Live With Your Parents...

So I would say by the time 30 or so rolls around you should be fairly established in your own place. Even if it's a small studio apartment on the upper east side of's yours. Many 30+ ladies and gents find it unattractive when they find someone they fall head over heals for in ever which way except...they still live in the rents basement. Maybe you have a legit reason for it, maybe you just want to mooch off them as much as you can until they kick you out. Either way...majority of individuals will find this as a turn off.

You're Immature...

Stop with the baby stuff and grow up. This goes for everything from excessive gaming and/or partying to crying over silly stuff. Stop complaining about the itty bitty things that are completely irrelevant to anything at all! She didn't make your sandwich right. Her crying face is too ugly. He didn't say what you wanted him to say at the right time. He didn't text you back right away while he was WORKING. Ay mama mia! Give it up already. And the gaming and partying. Ok a few hours a day to wind down and But 24/7?!?! Club hopping every weekend? If you're trying to establish an "Adult" relationship these things don't happen. Think about it.


Less than 2% of high school sweethearts get married and stay together until death do them part!

You're scared of the "What if's"...

Life is about taking risks in order to succeed! Don't drown yourself in the What If's. What if my heart gets broken. What if it doesn't work out. What if things change. Things change and people change. Our hearts get broken and sometimes not every relationship works out. Facts of life. All of the negative effects one relationship just prepare you to learn and grow for your next relationship. You may marry your high school sweetheart or you may have many relationships before you find "the one". And the biggest mistake of all is comparing your current relationship to the last one. Not every relationship is the same or ends the same. Food for thought.

You're Selfish...

You don't like to spend your time or money on anyone else but yourself. And this is perfectly fine if you enjoy being single! But once you decide you want to commit to someone, all of that goes out the window. You have to be attentive, caring, loving, and giving. So choose which side you want to be on because you can't have it all!

Haven't Found the "Right One"...

Understandable! As long as you are not being so picky about who you date so you overlook the "right one" this is a perfectly acceptable excuse. It takes some longer than others! There's no shame in being hesitant about jumping into marriage when time and time again the "right one" has not presented themselves to you yet. Better late than never! Or even better never than wasting countless years on the wrong one!

You Choose to Be Single!

Some were just meant to live life on the edge. Drifters walking alone! If you choose this lifestyle, more power to you! You're just having so much darn fun being single, why would you want to screw that up?? Enjoy every moment of it!

Now That That's Over...

There's much more to add to this and I can go on for days. But I'd hate to bore you with my shenanigans. So why don't you tell me! What are some other reasons people are single and stay single? Leave your comments below!

© 2014 Cocky Mommy


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    • Amanda Holzinger profile image

      Cocky Mommy 3 years ago from New Jersey

      Holy cow! You said it all! Couldn't agree more!

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 3 years ago

      Some people actually HATE the dating process. Therefore they do not make much effort in putting themselves in a position to meet other singles. Even when they do go out they don't (expect) to have FUN.

      Those who walk around with a cloud over their heads aren't usually interested in getting to know new people. Oftentimes they are cynical as well. People are drawn towards happy/positive people.

      Another common reason why a lot of (women) are single is because they state: "I'm waiting on God to bring me a man."

      The law of attraction does not replace the law of action!

      You can't win the lottery unless you purchase a ticket! You have to (be) where the type of people you want to meet congregate.

      Another one is; You have unrealistic expectations! You're asking for the moon and have nothing to offer in return. It's easy to create a list of "most haves" for mate. It's harder to put yourself in their shoes and ask if you were them; "Would you want you?"

      Don't expect to sit next to the moon unless (you) are a star!:)

      You're guilty of putting every (good or nice person) you meet into the "Friend Zone". People often say there are no good people out there and yet when they meet one they refuse to be open to them romantically.

      As you said there are lots of reasons why people are single. However most of them is because (they) aren't taking actions needed to change their status. If you want something different you have to do something different.