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Importance of Information on Gender Based Violence to the Health Worker In Sierra Leone

Updated on March 13, 2013

The Benefits to the Health Care Worker from the Information on Gender Based Violence in Sierra Leone.

Since the health care worker will be working in a new geographical setting with different cultural beliefs and practices from his/her country of origin, he/she will find the information on the types and causes of gender based violence in Sierra Leone very helpful in his/her field of specialization as it will help in knowing the kind of, for instance; first aid and hence the exact treatment to administer to the victims of the form of violence in question. This is to say that the health care worker; based on the prior information will not only be prepared on the kind of medication to give but will also be psychologically prepared to help the victims with serious injuries of battering, slapping, man-handling and other sexually-based violence. Secondly, knowledge of the preventive measures applied in Sierra Leone will add to the general prior knowledge on gender based violence of the health care worker. Thirdly, the understanding of the political and social environment roles in this kind of violence will be very beneficial to the health care worker in the part of guidance and counseling of couples, families and communities in Sierra Leone (Mathur, 2004).

Possibility of Information to Reduce Gender Based Violence

An understanding of the total information on gender based violence in Sierra Leone is great treasure as far as the knowledge pertaining how to combat the gender based violence is concerned and as such if the preventive measures are prudently applied by couples, families and communities as well as the nation, the many cases of this form of violence will be reduced by a great percentage. Martin and Tirman (2009), believe that gender based violence cases can be reduced if people applied the preventive measures they have given in their book “Women, Migration and Conflict Breaking a Deadly Cycle” which include but not limited to the provision of education on the types and causes of gender based violence and how to prevent such awful incidences from happening in society.

Modifiable Risk Factor and Chances of Reducing Gender Based Violence

According to Bott, Morrison and Ellsberg (2007), the underlying cause of most gender based violence incidences in most parts of the world is the lack of soberness in approaching life issues which also replicates in this geographical setting of Sierra Leone. If people could be rational in approaching and solving conflicts and other issues in marriages, families and at the community level, then the chances of reducing to minimal even combating gender based violence could rise by a great percentage.


It is possible to reduce and even combat gender based violence from society.


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