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Improve Relationships by Becoming Familiar with Your Personality Temperament

Updated on July 20, 2017

Florence Littauer's Personality Temperaments

As a Christian speaker and author, Florence Littauer and her husband Fred both became interested in exploring the personality temperaments. Fred Littauer has since passed away and Florence is now in her 80's, but she continues with her ministry helping to improve relationships by helping others to become familiar with their personality temperaments.

She first studied Hippocrate's beliefs about the personality, then later she studied author Tim LaHaye's beliefs about the spirit controlled personality temperaments. Her findings include basic personality traits of the sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic and melancholy temperaments.

The Traits of the Four Personality Temperaments

After reading "The Personality Tree" I had to agree, we each have one of the following personality temperaments and most of us have more than one. The following traits include both the strengths and weaknesses of each personality temperament.

Sanguine: Sanguines are enthusiastic about life! They are talkative, upbeat, energetic, and they love people. Their wide-eyed innocence is often envied by others. This person has a great sense of humor, they are creative and they are very sincere.

The sanguine's weaknesses: They will often interrupt others so of course they are not good listeners. They tend to exaggerate, they're very emotional, they are forgetful.

The Personality Tree


Choleric Strengths and Weaknesses

Cholerics are born leaders, they are organized and often respond well in emergency situations. They are goal oriented, active, strong-willed and independent. This person loves to be praised for his or her work, and because they are hard workers, they tend to get upset when others don't see their need to get things done.

Weaknesses: Cholerics have little tolerance for people who are not grateful, they don't feel the need to have a lot of friends, and they are not emotional people. They will correct you when you're wrong and are often considered to be powerful.

Melancholies Personality Traits

Melancholy personality traits include having a talent for creativity. This person is artistic, they love music, they love and appreciate nature's beauty. They are often conscientious and detail oriented. It is their personality to set high standards as they are often seen as perfectionists. They are very faithful in their relationships with a deep concern for others. Melancholies are also well organized, they love order and tend to be very neat.

Weaknesses: Melancholies come across as being self centered, they are moody and not easy to please. They won't believe a compliment if they are given one. With a low self image, they tend to be become depressed quite easily. They are insecure and suspicious.

Take a Personality Test

This quick test will tell you what your personality temperaments are. It is easy to take and after taking it and seeing the results, I felt that it matched my personality quite well.

Phlegmatic's Personality Traits

Phlegmatic's are laid back and easy going. They are quiet with a need to live in peace. This person is patient, competent and a great listener. They are kind to others and often will help those who are in need. The phlegmatic personality temperament is also funny, even though he or she is a quiet person. They are known to be quite witty.

Weaknesses: Phlegmatics have an emotional need for respect. They also do not like to be ignored and may withdraw when they are ignored. They may be known for their sarcasm and may seem overly judgmental. A phlegmatic may not always be willing or very enthusiastic about helping out.

What is Your Personality Temperament?

What is Your Personality Temperament?

See results

Florence Littauer Interview


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