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Improving Your Relationship Giving Respect

Updated on September 30, 2010
Respect Makes or Breaks a Relationship
Respect Makes or Breaks a Relationship | Source

You know how there are those ingredients in a cake that you must put in, in order for your cake to rise and really taste like a cake. Well if you don’t put that main ingredient in you would actually be making flat bread instead of the beautiful cake you set out to make. That’s exactly how giving respect in a relationship is. It is a very important ingredient to a healthy relationship.

Let’s start off with the English meaning of respect; because today so many families have gotten so far away from giving respect and that is where we find the decline in relationships. Respect is to consider worthy of esteem; to regard with honor. Another definition is to take note of; to regard with special attention; to regard as worthy of special consideration. What does all this come down to; consideration on all levels.

What this means is showing that person you love their feelings, thoughts and their very being comes first to you. Respect is something you show, not caring what those on the outside think or what opinions others have. Strong solid relationships are built on respect.

Consider this, you and your mate plan this special day together; someone else comes along, maybe a friend of the family and feels they have a crisis that can’t wait. Without mentioning anything to you your mate cancels with you to attend to this friend in crisis. Was this action showing respect to your relationship? Did they consider your feelings, thoughts or anything about you? They may say they did, but in actuality they did not. The way this should have gone was your mate first should have explained to the friend they had prior plans but they would talk with their mate to see if they would agree maybe to push their plans back a few hours. That is called taking note of with special attention. No doubt their mate would have been delighted that they thought enough of them and had no problem with pushing the time back to make sure a friend was ok.

Imagine if this kind of thoughtfulness and consideration was done on a regular basis by both; would it make your bond much stronger? Would it make you love the one you’re with that much more? Of course it would. Both mates would know without a doubt before their mate makes plans or decisions they would be included first.

Remember our definition of respect is to regard worthy of special consideration. This would mean going out of your way to consider your mate weather it is the way we speak to one another, our attitude towards each others opinion or our gentleness with regards to the way you or I feel in a situation that both may not see eye to eye.

When we claim to love a person respect is a crucial ingredient in showing true love. Remember I said showing, not saying you respect your mate. You have to take action in order to improve any relationship. Respect is never ever, “Do what I say… When I say it… No questions asked.” This is called disrespect and disaster in a relationship. Let’s change the decline in our relationships and remember respect is to consider worthy of esteem and esteem is to honor and hold high; to admire, to value. Let’s make strong relationships that make strong families by holding each one in high regard.


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