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In That Split Second Before Lips Meet.

Updated on January 2, 2010

In that split second before lips meet.


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In that breathless
eye glazing moment
before a kiss,
the world around
takes on a sheen,
of crystal clarity.


Eyes become magnets

that four pupils study

in rapt wonder
as their forces propel two
sets of lips to gravitate
into a buttery soft meld.

Then eyes close in sweet bliss,

as lips communicate love
but beneath shuttered lids
remains a sparkle.

A heat that grows

and overwhelms,

an image burned

on the retinas

passions flame simmering
as the most perfect connection
becomes sealed,

like two o-rings

protecting liquid love.


Noses side by side,
tongues teasing together,
and small gasps as lips break,
and then reglue with
eager adhesion to love
found in the sharing of
this silent wonder.


Love is a smorgasbord

of tantalizing delights,

its appetizer is the kiss

that makes all lovers

wet their lips

in anticipation

of the

nectar 's

it holds.




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