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Incorporating Great Color Combinations Into Your Wedding

Updated on December 16, 2018
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Victoria is a stay-at-home mom, author, educator, and blogger at Healthy at Home. She currently lives in Colorado with her family.

Incorporating Great Color Combinations Into Your Wedding
Incorporating Great Color Combinations Into Your Wedding | Source

With trends and fashions changing every day, new color combinations for weddings are always arising. It used to be that wedding dresses were always white, and girls chose simple colors for their bridesmaids and the flowers. There really was no reason for choosing “wedding colors,” as most wedding looked exactly alike.

Couples married in churches and then went back home for a formal wedding dinner with family and friends to celebrate. Gifts were given, toasts were said, and the couple left in their limousine to head for their honeymoon. But times are changing rapidly.

Couples now are getting married just about anywhere they want. Not only do weddings have color combinations and themes, but so does the bridal shower, bachelorette/bachelor party, and rehearsal dinner. Brides and grooms as getting much more creative as they use their wedding food, feel and decorations to express their unique personalities.

You too can do this same thing with just about any color combination you choose. Some color combos go well alongside a specific theme, such as with a Great Gatsby theme, gold and black are usually the name of the game. If you chose a nature theme however, green and brown are probably going to be the main colors in your wedding.

Although, a theme doesn’t necessarily have to be present, or exactly match any specific colors t be great. Consider a high school theme, a library theme, an airplane theme, or so many others where colors aren’t quite as clear. Check out my articles on Amazing Wedding Themes and Finding the Perfect Theme for Your Wedding for more great ideas!

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Tangerine and Green

With bright bold colors like this you won't want to overdo it. However you want to miss the opportunity how to make a statement.

Consider invitations lined with green and tangerine, beautiful bright umbrellas across the back of your ceremony area and these colors, and menus on each place in green and tangerine with bright flowers to match for centerpieces.

Light Pink and Grey

These colors say very sweet. I can see the adorable couple using this color combination and see antiques, cute signs, and even flowered china for the guests.

What a beautiful combination some dainty grey tablecloths would make with some gorgeous pink peonies for centerpieces. These colors certainly set the stage for a memorable event.


Slate Blue and White

If you want to say "meaningful celebration," these are the colors for you. As beautiful as this duo is, these colors will tell guests that this is more than just a fun party for the two of you.

For a lighter, brighter daytime event, highlight the white in your décor, with the blue as your accent. For an amazingly stunning evening event, give slate blue the reins as the main event, and you'll achieve your goal.

All White

No longer is a wedding a competition where the bride tries to look better than her bridesmaids. Brides now want their maids to be as comfortable and feel as beautiful as they do on the big day.

And this color can be used everywhere, from the cake, to the tablecloths and the décor, to even the food being served. What a magnificent event!

Incorporating Great Color Combinations Into Your Wedding
Incorporating Great Color Combinations Into Your Wedding | Source

Green, Pink, and Purple

With this combination you're sure to impress. Purple has always been a show stopper on its own. Used in the right ways, you’ll take your guests breath away and make them rethink weddings.

Think gorgeous pink bridesmaid dresses carrying purple and green flowers, signature drinks in purple and green, and even amazing purple tablecloths, with green and hot pink centerpieces. There's absolutely no way to have too much color with this incredible trio.


With so many colors to choose from, why not have them all? Each table could be a different color, with the tablecloth, the flowers, and even the favors matching the designated color.

The bride's bouquet could be a variety of colors, and even the bridesmaids could each sport a different color of the rainbow. These weddings are usually bright, fun, and festive. Use this amazing color scheme to really be creative in your décor, your food, and even your flowers.

Incorporating Great Color Combinations Into Your Wedding
Incorporating Great Color Combinations Into Your Wedding | Source

Lime and Teal

Fun, bright, and exciting are what these colors are shouting. This would be an amazing combination for a bright outdoor wedding. You can create some really interesting visual effects, especially with pattern.

They make me think of hopping music, champagne, dancing, and lots of laughter. Any way you use these bright colors, you can't go wrong. But consider including them in everything. Even the bridal bouquet could be a bright lime green all wrapped up in a gorgeous teal ribbon.

Gold and Champagne

With a tribute to The Great Gatsby, this combination is becoming more popular than ever. Who wouldn't die for one glamorous million dollar evening?

You're bound to feel like a movie star amidst so much sparkle and shine. With this one gold should definitely take center stage and be part of every element in your wedding. Why not wear a gold wedding dress, have gold tablecloths, and eat golden sprayed wedding cake off of gold rimmed plates?

Incorporating Great Color Combinations Into Your Wedding
Incorporating Great Color Combinations Into Your Wedding | Source

Peach and Silver

This delicate mix of colors will give a sweet but sassy look to your wedding. The effect that they have will only be seen with paired together in your décor.

Think about peach tablecloths with silver chargers, beautiful silver accents on your wedding cake with an abundance of peach flowers, and even a silver aisle runner with peach flowers and candles flanking both sides.

Lime and Champagne

This amazing duo will create an elegant look like no other. Beautiful champagne wedding with bright pops off lime green will capture guests attention and take their breath away.

Surprise them with lime green ceremony programs, a lime green bridal bouquet, and even lime green chair ties on the back of all their chairs at the reception. This is definitely a color made to delight.

Incorporating Great Color Combinations Into Your Wedding
Incorporating Great Color Combinations Into Your Wedding | Source

Pink, Champagne, and Gold

To me this says opulence and quiet elegance. These colors give off the vibe of wealth, and this is the impression they will give your guests if used correctly.

Use gold to accent just about everything from the cake and the dishes, to even the favors for guests to take home. Why not wear a gorgeous pink wedding gotten to take this theme a step further!

Colors of Nature

This combination will complement even the largest outdoor wedding. With colors reminiscent of the grass the sky the water and the mountains, you simply can't go wrong.

You could even take advantage of this color scheme by adding branches pine cones, wild flowers and leaves as your décor. For an evening wedding, hang a live tree branch from the ceiling covered in Christmas lights to mimic the stars.

Incorporating Great Color Combinations Into Your Wedding
Incorporating Great Color Combinations Into Your Wedding | Source

Teal and Brown

This color combo had a long running and still has many brides leaping for joy. These bright colors, reminiscent of natural but bold in their own ways, have allowed couples to dally somewhere in the middle.

Birds' nests, bird cages and bird houses fit perfectly onto this scheme giving weddings the natural outdoorsy feel while still being trendy.

Royal Blue and Purple

This popular duo is shocking yet intensely inspiring. Many brides have amazed their guests with royal blue bridesmaid dresses, gorgeous purple flower arrangements, and an explosion of these colors all over the rest of their weddings.

With these two bold colors as the backdrop, this is not a wedding that will easily be forgotten. If this sounds like your color combination, you’ll really want to take advantage of these vibrant colors to really make your wedding stand out.


Just like everything else in weddings, color schemes tend to come in waves as brides and grooms try to express themselves in big bold ways with big celebrations, big flower arrangements, and even big bridal parties. They then go back to smaller, more intimate events with lighter, sweeter colors, more toned down, and personal decor.

What speaks to you will likely surprise you. There is no right or wrong way to go in this area, and the options are as endless as the personalities to go with them. You can get your inspiration from anywhere, including your favorite colors, the colors of the season, colors that would go well with the location you choose for your big day or a picture you found of a gorgeous wedding bouquet.

I know that we chose our colors of light green and blue because we had a summer wedding, and were going all natural with our food, decorations, flowers, location, etc. Blue and green seemed to reflect that "natural" look that we were going for the best. You're bound to find the right inspiration somewhere. Peruse magazines, the internet, pictures of other's weddings, etc. and it will come to you!

If there seem to be too many ways to go at the moment, as all of the color combinations are so gorgeous, check out my articles on Amazing Wedding Themes and Finding the Perfect Theme for Your Wedding, and discover how to truly make your event uniquely your own.

Hopefully one of these resonates with you and it all comes together, or at least inspires you onward towards your real wedding dreams.

© 2013 Victoria Van Ness


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