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Interesting Child Custody Statistics

Updated on August 11, 2010

Interesting Child Custody Statistics

When we take a look at child custody statistics we can not help feeling a little worried. Unfortunately there are a lot of problems whenever we have to deal with custody disputes. Problems are always possible and we are faced with one negative child impact that should be taken seriously. Let us analyze a bunch of different child custody statistics that you are to find interesting.

When talking about child custody statistics we must first think about father condition. It is quite disturbing to notice 90 percent of divorced fathers not having full child custody. Unfortunately stats tell us that 60% of the young suicides come from children that have grown up without fathers. Also, 80 percent of rapists and 85% of children with big behavioral disorders come from houses where the father did not exist. We can now tell you that you will find almost 50% of the fathers not receiving any visitation right. All turns into something highly sad as out of all mothers 50% believe that there is no need for a father in the life of a child and that this has no real impact. In most cases mothers really want to get full custody and might also want to minimize the father's rights to keep him away from the child. Also, we see 70%of fathers being sad as they think they do not spend the time that they should with kids.

We do need to also analyze the child custody statistics that are linked mainly with gaining child support. Although the father might not get visiting rights, out of those that lack this almost a half will still send support money for children. Also, just 10% of fathers will not want to be in any way involved in the child's life after divorce. It was shown that 66 percent of all fathers that do not pay child support only do this because they can not.

It is actually quite important to do everything possible to maintain a relationship between the child and both parents. In the event that 1 parent is missing from the life of a child statistics showed that 1 in four such kids end up with committing suicide. As you can imagine this is only a single of example of many that can be given about child custody statistics. We do recommend that any child custody battle you are involved with should be handled properly and with the interest of the child in your mind.


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