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Internet Dating Part 2

Updated on December 20, 2012

Internet Scams, Dating, etc.

I am continuing the Internet dating hub. Unfortunately, I have been through a lot of it. There are guys who want to just 'be with you', guys who have no interest, and people overall who are weird. I met one who was using me to get to my friends, etc. They usually do not last more than one date or meeting. You could go through millions if you wanted to. That is the way the Internet goes. I have been through several things such as people putting on facebook when you changed the status the same status you did. It is just a weird world and I have discovered it through dating through these sites. You have men who say they will call but do not. You have men who offer to pay you money to go out with them. A very weird thing happened to me last year which I think was strange anyway. I was on my site and someone who claimed to be psychic said they could not 'read' this person very well but he said he knew me. I said I knew him and talked to him and he knew I needed help. Odd or what. I think he and this other person took advantage of the situation I needed something. Oh well. I guess the fact that this one woman said she was watching me made me fearful. I therefore do not get why she was watching me. That is just scary.

Anyway I have posted wrong pictures etc. and one was of a man. This was a weird situation. lol. I pressed the wrong button and therefore a pic I had downloaded came up.

One day in June in the year 1999 I sent a picture to a 19 year old. He thought I was someone else as it turned out I had accidentally given him a picture someone had sent me. We met in person. Turned out he was just a kid who wanted to get with me because of my picture.

I have had a lot go on and I feel funny and have not met anyone worthwhile. But I will keep looking and make sure to post the right picture.


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