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Internet dating isn't all it's cracked up to be

Updated on July 14, 2016

Love is one click away...right?

With anticipation, she closes the door to the basement so that no one knows what she is doing. She fires up the computer, logs on to one of the free dating websites and licks her lips with anxious hope that her prince charming will appear before her on the screen.

First, a man holding a beer in one hand and a fish in another flashes across the screen. "Next", she clicks. The next man, pants held up by suspenders, is missing a front tooth. "Next".... This next one has a full head of hair but is thinner than Kate Moss in her early days of modeling. "Next". So it goes for over an hour and the excitement that she felt 70 minutes ago is now becoming agitation and anger.

He sits down, shirtless in front of his computer; in hopes that the woman he finds on the dating website will have a web cam and can see his manly body when they begin to interact through the dating site. He scans an area of over 300 miles from his hometown because hey, if a chick's hot enough and worth the drive, he'll make it. As he scans the thousands of pictures before him, he sends little messages to the women with the biggest boobs and the widest smiles. "I love big boobs", he thinks to himself. "A wide smile means a wide mouth and you know...." he also thinks as he smiles to himself.

She finally finds a guy that is within 20 miles of her abode and sends him a little "hi" in hopes that he will respond. She has posted her best picture; wearing a push up bra and forcing cleavage. She is smiling her biggest smile. She just had her teeth whitened too. She is hoping that the man she just contacted will read her posting and like her for who she is but just in case, she wants the picture to lure him in too.

He is amazed to see that a little "hottie" is only 20 miles away. Oh, wait! She said hi. He quickly and nervously writes back; not bothering to even read her post as he can't take his eyes off of her boobs sticking out of her sweater and her nice white teeth.

Her eyes light up when she sees that he has responded with a "Nice picture". He says nothing else so she assumes that he must be shy. She quickly reads his post which doesn't contain much information besides the fact that he's around her age, likes to work out, likes the company of women and drives a jeep. She imagines him to be a mamma's boy because of the women's company line and eagerly writes back to him.

He smiles as he receives her response! Yea, he thinks, I am close to my mom. He responds with words he thinks she would like to hear. Then, he asks if she has a web cam. He quickly puts a dab of baby oil over his chest just in case.

"Why does he want to use his web cam?" she wonders. She responds that she does but is nervous because she doesn't look as good as she does in the picture on her profile. She quickly stuffs her socks under her boobs in her bra so that she resembles a young Dolly Parton and messes up her hair for a sultry, bedroom look. Then, she turns her cam on and giggles to herself upon seeing his chest. It appears he just finished exercising as he looks like he was sweating.

"Oh my God!" he thinks. "Look at that cleavage!" He eagerly types a message inferring that she is hot and she responds with a similar comment.

As the two continue to type to each other that night and view each other through web cam magic, they both have different expectations of the developing relationship. She, looking for love on the net is confusing his eagerness with interest in her. He, seeing her hooters touching the screen is only thinking of getting laid as soon as possible.

Thus, another episode of Internet dating at its best. For every 10 people you may meet, 1 will most likely be sincere and be looking for a true relationship. I guarantee it. Women often compromise themselves and change themselves to accommodate the men they meet. Men who are looking for a lay will say whatever the woman wants to hear so he can get banged that night. Just know that honesty is the best policy and when Internet dating, people should state what they are really looking for. Don't falsely advertise. Too many people end up getting hurt.

How Would You Fare on a Dating Website?

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In the end, be yourself! Don't let small insecurities keep you from projecting the best of yourself out for others to see. There is an old saying that there is someone for everyone. You will never find your true complement until you are honest with yourself and allow people to see the real you.

If your goal is to have a one night stand, be honest about it! If you want a relationship, don't jeopardize future dates by acting as if you have dated for a year. Move slowly. Allow a friendship to form. Learn about each other. Have meaningful conversations.

You are enough. Believe in yourself.


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