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Introducing: My Best Friend

Updated on December 26, 2015




I want to introduce you to my best friend. When I first met him in 1984, I didn’t really know Him. I had heard of His name and had heard about Him, but I had never really given much thought to getting to know Him or becoming His friend, as my focus at the time was just on being obedient to His Father. His Father was often in my thoughts and at various times I wished I could see or speak to Him as I really admired Him.


First Meeting

When I first met my now best friend, He said even though I never knew Him, He had always known me and I was quite surprised to find out who He really was and all that He had done for me. It was then, in 1984, that I decided I wanted to get to know Him and become His friend.

Present Time

Now, many years later I can truly say He is my best friend for He is always near to me. He prays for me and He gives me strength, wisdom and hope. If I am feeling down, He picks me up. If I am feeling sick, His touch heals me. If I am unsure about what to say or do, I can ask Him and He always gives me the best advice for the time. If I am scared, He comforts me and gives me a peace that surpasses all understanding. Anytime or anyplace I can call upon Him for help and He will answer. He is the best friend a person could ever ask for!


Plus, when He and I became best friends, I received a bonus , for I found I had gained the close personal relationship with His Father that I had always desired.

Purpose: Personal Relationship

So, today, I want to introduce you to my best friend, for He is someone you should all meet and get to know. His name is Jesus Christ and His Father is God. I want you to know, that they are real and they and I have an up close and personal relationship.

Although I live alone in my home here on earth, I am not really alone you see, for I have my best friend, Jesus, who is near to me at all times. He sticks closer than a brother and He and His Father are always available to help me 24-7.

I know some of you might already know my best friend Jesus ,and that He is your best friend also. For that I rejoice and give thanks! But for those of you who don’t really know Him, I wanted to introduce you to Him today so that you could see what you are missing out on. We all need what He can give. We all need what His Father has promised. Won’t you take the time today to get to know Him? He already knows you and He wants you to come to Him so that He can be your best friend also.

Don't Wait!

Don’t wait. Seek Him while He is near. Time passes quickly and this opportunity may not present itself to you again. Come. Once you learn about Him and what He has done for you, you will want to be His best friend forever and share in all the good things that He and His Father have planned for your life. The world and it’s things will never offer you what He can offer you, for it is only through a relationship with Him that your soul will find peace and rest, now and for all eternity.

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