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Introducing The Perfect Girl

Updated on September 12, 2011

Just my opinion . . .

but this girl, whomever she is, would easily-qualify for being my choice for The Perfect Girl in the United States and here are my reasons for thinking this . . .

This girl is . . .in all probability,

Quiet, to the point of almost being silent. She seldom has to raise her voice in public or private because both men and women love to do her bidding--which is always an easy task such as helping her to choose which magazine to read; what movie to attend or what restaurant to visit with her date for dinner. She is one of a kind. But doesn't flaunt this fact toward anyone.

Humble, to a fault. Never steps up to take the honors, but lends the spotlight to her friends. This is what I assume she would do. Looks are not sometimes deceiving in her case. I can accurately judge this woman by her facial features. See her eyes? Soft and sensitive. Never concealing the truth from anyone--giving new meaning to the word: trust. Old folks used to say, "they don't make 'em like her anymore," and those old timers were so wise in that saying. For they knew quality when they viewed it.

Truthful, is her most-prominent trait. If this girl, we will call her, "Terrie," for I don't know her real name and probably never will, tells you on a sunny day that it is going to rain, fetch your umbrella. Terrie doesn't mince her words or deal in chit chat. To her, an insincere person is someone to be shunned. Terrie loves America and what America stands for--truth, liberty, justice and Democracy.

Mindful, of her roots, probably reaching back to Kansas. Wichita, to be exact. I don't know if Wichita is her hometown, but she looks like a Kansas girl with her wrinkle-free forehead, unobtrusive cheek bones and warm smile. Kansas people exhibit these quality features. Look closely at Dorothy (Judy Garland), the next time you watch The Wizard of Oz, and you will not see any wrinkles in her forehead or obtrusive cheek bones in her angelic face. Terrie has not and never will lost sight of the fact that she is not any better than anyone she meets. She also is mindful that she knows all too well what it feels like to be penniless, hungry and owning just the dress on her back. Even with the alleged fame and fortune her face has brought her, she remains mindful of the lowly people who meet her many times as she goes to work.

Sincerity, best-describes her love for those around her--at work or at home. No sacrifice for her friends and sometimes a stranger, is too much for Terri. Money? It means nothing to Terri. She had rather feel good about herself by giving her money to deserving people than to be accused of hording her riches on earth.

Giving, is another easy way to describe Terrie. She has turned down many prestigious awards over the span of her successful career that has taken her into successful movies, television shows and even commercials. She doesn't mind the work if it's legitimate. The reason that Terrie turned down those awards, one being an Oscar, was because she felt that she was undeserving of the award, and let someone else win. Terrie made it her goal to talk to the board of directors of the Oscars and confess her true feelings about her less-than-professional performance in some movie and made sure that her co-star would get the nomination. Terrie has been this way since childhood. "what a special girl," said her mother, Martha, when asked one time by a reporter from a movie magazine how would (Martha) describe Terrie. Upon reading the article, Terri blushed and down-played the sincere quotes by her mother. That is Terrie's style. Keep yourself humble, grateful and the universe is yours.

Who knows, except from The Creator, where special girls like Terrie come from? It is a solidified agreement among everyone she has met that there needs to be many more like Terrie in our span of life as we know it.

I used the word, perfect, in my headline, but you and I both know that there is no such thing as a perfect mortal. Not past, present, or future. It was never intended for weak, fragile, dependent human beings to achieve perfection in this stage of life.

Like being blessed to one day, meet Terri, I was just grasping for just the right word to introduce her in my headline.


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