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Introvert Man And In Love - When Life Can Get A Bit Difficult

Updated on February 22, 2015
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Sudipa is experienced in content creation and internet marketing for more than 10 years. She has done Masters in Commerce and Business Admin

The World Of An Introvert
The World Of An Introvert | Source

I grew up convincing myself, 'I am just shy', introvert was too a strong word for me which would make me different from everyone. My friends were fond of parties, late night parties, games- I never enjoyed crowds! I loved being away from the crowds, enjoying my own little moments and being myself or with my closest buddies! I never believed this is something weird- I was happy, my parents were and my close friends - life was just perfect and I was enjoying every bit of it.

Love to be alone

Normal Being Alone
Normal Being Alone | Source

Everything Was Fine Till...

My College days were busy, fun and exciting - my friends had all started dating, I found it tough; it was so easy for them to speak to girls. They knew what to talk, how to make friends, how to make them laugh, I always had to think a lot before talking! What do I talk about? What do I speak about, when I hardly know the person? What if the girl thinks I am a flirt? What if she dislikes me? My friends already started teasing me - who were convinced no girl will ever love me! I was too shy!

My mom always said that an introvert finds love but life gets tough!This was when I started realizing, I was indeed an introvert - I had difficulty in approaching people, difficulty in expressing and finding words was difficult. I thought too much and worst of all - girls thought I am mysterious!

Maria sat just next to me, we were good friend and hanged around quite a bit. I liked her! Quiet, sensitive and modest; quite apart from others, but certainly not like me. I was in love and it was tougher letting her know, feel it! Yes, an introvert man in love - life is tough, indeed!

My friends coaxed to be expressive, to let her know! I knew I needed time.

Introverts need time
Introverts need time | Source

Introverts In Love Need Time

Being quiet by nature, my inner voice was loud but not enough to let her know. Love for me was all about respecting her, I believed I did not need words to feel love ( she needed, though), I just needed quietness, looked forward to spend together and enjoy our simple life. I wanted her to know about it - understand it! It was tough for me to say!

The Power of Listening

I would rather listen!
Listening is the way to show love. Introverts are extremely thoughtful, they get deeply involved in their thoughts, but they do the feel the need to express it. They know how true they are. They are extremely good listeners and love to silently acknowledge and understand what is being told. But, what about the other person? Things can get really tough for the other person who loves the power of words. Its tough to get an introvert speak.

Falling In Love With Introvert - Its Tough

Getting An Introvert Speak up - Its difficult
Getting An Introvert Speak up - Its difficult | Source

The Realization...and A Deep Desire

The most difficult situation arises ( which happens in most cases) when an introvert falls in love with an extrovert. Something similar happened with me. I admired and envied some of my friends, I secretly awed their ability to speak, to woo girls and spread cheer and charm in any situation.

Girls love the company of extroverts, they seem to understand them so well and they became friends so easily and quickly. I hardly had any good friend! Falling in love - perhaps the most difficult challenges I ever faced in my life. I was attracted but expressing it was like a life threatening event to me. It was something which did not come naturally to me - I was scared, was desperate and yet, I couldn't express. I stopped arguing with my family and friends - I knew, I'm not shy, I am an introvert. Its nothing to be ashamed about but I needed to overcome it, before its too late.

What Love Is For An Introvert

Introverts Can Do Anything For Their Love

It was tough to get things work out first! It was Maria who took the initiative and helped me step out of my comfort zone and speak. Its true that introverts step out of their comfort zone for their love! They can actually stretch and become extroverts for short periods and amazingly for their love; for the people who truly mean to me. They have the ability to unlock their hearts for the love of their lives. They are actually not distant in love. They might be shy, a little apprehensive and think a bit more but they are great lovers and faithful partners. Its the way they are!

Life is Beautiful

Introverts are different or is it just a feeling that makes them different? If the love of your love is an introvert, you are probably in an amazing relationship. The level of social activities you share might be different from all other couples but your relationship is the most genuine! Introverts are extremely loyal, uplifting and supporting. They are happy people with great depths in love. You will simply be awed with honor and joy in your relationship! Life DOES NOT get tough when in love with an introvert!


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