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Is Feminism Just Another Box?

Updated on January 28, 2014
The idea
The idea
The truth
The truth

Feminism is thought to be to a means to uplift women, it was once a movement to get women equal footing on voting, working, pay, now we have something else. We have yet another box that people want to conform to, twisting and turning in un-natural positions. Feminism now pits woman versus woman for their lifestyle choices. I mean what is the feminist movement without choice, is that not what has been fought for years now?

Now that we can vote and work and mostly get paid like a man, so now we want more. So what more is there, we are seemingly equal now. Now we focus on bringing the rest of the women in the world around to our views, whether they like the choices they have made. Here in America, women hold power, yet feminism still holds true the victim. When Miley Cyrus “twerked” at whatever award show that it was, Feminist went up in arms over her behavior. We were debating going to war with Syria, yet all the social networks could talk about is the degradation of women and the industry taking advantage of someone dancing on a stage.

Mom, moreover, stay at home moms are also being targeted for this Feminist spew, yes a spew. Somehow if a woman CHOOSES to be a mother and bring a life in to the world, shame on her for actually taking care of the life. We should I suppose, shift our kids off on family or better yet, strangers making less than minimum wage will surely do a better job than the mother. So why the hate spew towards taking care of what you bring in to the world? Women can do both, there can be accomplishments outside of the formal working world. Businesses can be ran from home, while watching out for the most important thing. New life, is the most important thing to me and our society as a whole, our next generation.

So I ask the question, what if everyone felt this way, who would raise our children, our next generation? Who would we pawn our kids off on then? Why can we not accept that choice is what makes this country so special, we as women have many choices here. Let us decide our own. I do not condemn women who choose to never have kids and become career oriented as their life goal, that is your choice. So please do not condemn stay at home moms, whether they work or they have a husband that takes care of his family.

Women taking care of their families, with or without monetary involvement is a beautiful thing. I can sit here and rant on how great motherhood is, the joy you feel when your son tells you they love you out of the blue or watching part of you grow and learn. I will not apologize for my choice, as I suppose no one should. I like my choice, I do not miss the latter, I do not miss my less traditional style of life. I like to wear dresses, to have long hair, maybe these feminist should try one, they are quite comfortable I assure you.

Feminism was a movement of choice, of the right to choose, so as a woman, I ask for that now. Let women choose what they do, whether that be to stay home, dance provocatively, or however they choose to live their life. Women should help each other, uplift those in our gender, not fight amongst ourselves for the very thing we have been fighting for, choice. Do not make feminism a box, make it a path, with many roads to travel upon. Not one path better or less than the other, just different.


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