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Is Gender an Attribute of Reincarnation?

Updated on February 13, 2017

Understanding and Unity


Past Lives and Birth Marks

For many years I’ve heard and read many stories of children remembering past lives. There has been evidence of finding these stories to be true. There are probably as many theories as there are stories.

One theory being that a persons moles and birth marks on the body were the result of injuries from another life. So how do you explain two people who are in no way related to each other having identical birth marks in the same location?

Gender Confusion

My main reason for writing this is to question whether or not the newer generations confusion on gender may be related to reincarnation.. It has been said recently that women who have beards and mustaches are carrying them over from a previous life as a male. So wouldn’t this also explain a female who has deep desires to be male or a male who has deep desires to be female.
If this is true then we are all mutations. We are a race of mutated humans carrying with us all the traits and personality quirks of all our previous lives.

The New Generation

It has been proven and we all see the evidence of the new generation of children being much more intelligent than earlier generations. Evidence of this is everywhere.

If you check you tube there are several videos of children seemingly carrying on intelligent conversations in a language unknown to us but somehow the child believes he or she is being understood. Our responses to this conversation may be somewhat telepathic.

Ape Like Features

It has also been proven that there are many people who have remnants of a tail attached to their spines. Is this a mutation of having been an animal in a previous life or should it be attributed to having descended from apes? Either one could be true.

There are persons I have personally seen who have facial features that are ape like. There are a few I have seen that very well seemed to have a spot at the top of their spine that looked like a tail could have grown there. The one thing I observed about them is that they are not as intelligent as you would expect. This again could prove the reincarnation theory.

These examples have nothing to do with race as they both has fair skin and light color hair.

Was Jesus Reincarnated?

As for reincarnation was not Jesus the first one recorded as coming back and those that are Christians now await his return again. I was raised believing the bible and have studied it a lot. There are many principles of truth written in it. If those truths are a help to someone who is struggling then it is a needed and appreciated resource.

One aspect of the bible states that God made man and woman and that these two should unite and create offspring.. Those that firmly believe this will not stray from it.

Generational Traits

On the other hand those of us who look for answers to life’s questions have to look for a reason why?

If a families physical traits are carried from one generation to another why wouldn’t other traits also be carried.

A newborn child may have blazing red hair but no one recalls anyone having red hair. If previous generations are checked I’m sure there is a grand parent or great grand parent somewhere along the line who had red hair.

Physical traits such as facial features, crooked toes, crooked fingers and many others are carried to the next generation. Many babies are born who look more their grand mother, grandfather or an uncle than the actual parents. Any of these traits can be carried forward so why wouldn’t the gender traits be the same.

Generational Medical Problems

There’s a difference in generational traits and reincarnation traits. Or is there ?

As for beliefs and theories we can’t just all declare that cancer is caused by the microwave in everyone’s kitchen. Or can we ?

Should we believe that autism, asperger’s and down’s syndrome are all caused by flouride in toothpastes or drugs that the mother was taking. Do we blame a child’s intelligence traits such as slowness on the fact that in the 1960's children’s teeth were filled with mercury?

There is even a theory that learning disabilities in children were caused by chewing on lead painted walls and window facings. Jewelry and toys from China that contained lead are said to be the cause of many things.

God Made a Mistake?

Anyone who wonders about their existence must ask these same questions. Why are you here? Where did you come from? Where are you going? There are many questions and so few concrete answers.

Are we to believe that God made a mistake and didn’t give us the right tools to keep each incarnation separate or have we grown so intelligent that the veil has been lifted ?

We can theorize until the end of time on all of .life’s questions but each person’s truth is known only to them. As you believe so shall it be.


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