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Is It Okay To Be Overprotective When It Comes To A Relationship?

Updated on March 10, 2016

Sometimes in a relationship, one partner may become controlling or overprotective over another partner in the relationship. Being overprotective can put a burden on your relationship, because in most cases, the partner that you are being overprotected about does not feel like they need the additional protection that you are giving them. If you are overprotective, does this mean that your partner is going to leave you?

What Makes You Overprotective Over Your Partner?

Before you start pushing your overprotective tendencies off on your partner, you need to take a moment and think about what is causing you to feel that you have to be overprotective over your partner. Is your past relationship to blame for the way that you feel now? Did your partner cheat on you in the past, and you’re trying your best to stop it from happening again?

Most women become overprotective in a relationship as a way to safeguard themselves from being hurt again. If you’re clingy and controlling ways stem from being hurt in the past, either by your current partner, or by someone else, you need to let go. Try to do your best to control your controlling tendencies. If not, your partner may give you something to be overprotective about that you are not going to like.

There are a lot of women that like to be in control of certain things that are going on in their lives. However, the truth is it is impossible to control every single aspect of your partner’s life. Having a relationship means that you have to trust the other party that is in the relationship with you; Your partner is not your child, they do not need you looking over their shoulder every ten seconds to ensure that they are not doing something that you would not approve of.

Overcome Your Controlling Tendencies

The only way to keep your partner is to get over your controlling ways. It can be difficult to alter your personality, but it is possible. You need to let your partner know that the reason for your controlling ways is not because you do not trust them; it is because you do not want to lose them. It will take some time to learn how to train yourself to not be controlling over your partner.

But, if you want your relationship to last you are going to have to stop being overprotective. In a relationship, both parties have to be willing to give each other space when space is needed. Many relationships end because one partner has trust issues with the other, or they just have trust issues in general when it comes to being in a relationship. The only way to make a relationship work is for both parties to admit their faults and try to move past them.

Would you consider yourself to be controlling in your relationship? Do you feel the need to have to call or text your partner throughout the day just to ensure that they are not doing something that you would not approve of?


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