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Is Sorry Always the Answer?

Updated on September 14, 2010

Communicate with one another

Talking Always Works!
Talking Always Works!

Sorry is a word people use to sometimes excuse themselves for the wrong they have done. That’s not to say some are not sincere when they say sorry, however, sometimes it’s an easy way out. It’s like the person who continually abuses their mate either physically, mentally or emotionally. Each time they will claim their sincere sorrow and apologize for their actions. How many times does sorry excuse for all your wrongs? Have you stopped to try and understand how this makes the person you are hurting or hitting feel? We understand that everyone makes mistakes that they must apologize for. However, a constant sorry is not your stay out of trouble card. It’s not your get off the hook insurance or a guaranteed forgiveness. 


Let me tell you what you are missing; Communication! Sorry is not always enough, sitting and talking it out works. This helps a person to see you’re not just trying to appease them with a sorry. You are sitting and communicating a sincere reason for your actions. At the same time you are listening and acknowledging the hurt you are causing. It helps the other person feel and understand or have the opportunity to disagree with your actions. A sorry can sometimes be like a brush off. You say sorry and think everything is over and OK. That’s not really a sorry attitude. Don’t you think you owe it to your partner/mate to sit with them, comfort them and lovingly explain to them?


A solid relationship is ALWAYS built on two willing people trying to make it work. This is done with communication. Communication helps both sides to understand each ones feeling so as to keep working on those disappointments. Love is shown by the way we treat our mates/partners. Love is never ever one sided. If you want love you must give love. We don’t give someone love only by the way we feel it should be given. Ask your loved one what they expect, and ask them what makes them comfortable. If you hurt someone don’t assume because all you want is a sorry, that’s also what they want. That’s not always the case.


Consider one another’s feelings and respect the others thoughts. Never push aside another person as they will accept whatever you are giving them. Sorry is not always all that is needed, remember what might be OK for one may not be OK for another. Show love and concern for your loved one. Communicate, communicate and then communicate more. Build strong foundations, this will always make a happy healthy relationship. Everyone would like some sort of happiness and that can be held in your hands. What you give you will also receive. Give love and you will get it back a hundred times more. It never hurts to talk heart to heart don’t just say sorry; talk about it.


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    • smith_jenine profile image

      smith_jenine 7 years ago

      yup!!! SO TRUE. sorry losses it's meaning ...