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Is Your DNA Worth Knowing

Updated on September 26, 2021
Author Cheryl profile image

Cheryl Whitsett is a health conscious dictionary. If I don't know something I will reasearch it until I find an answer

How The Body Is Made

Is It Smart To Find Out Who You Are? and a million other companies have people wondering who they are, where they came from and find out about their families. It's a 99 dollar test that could make you regret sending in that sample.

The chemical DNA was first discovered in 1869, but its role in genetic inheritance was not demonstrated until 1943. DNA replicates itself by separating into two single strands, each of which serves as a template for a new strand. The new strands are copied by the same principle of hydrogen-bond pairing between bases that exists in the double helix. Two new double-stranded molecules of DNA are produced, each containing one of the original strands and one new strand. This “semiconservative” replication is the key to the stable inheritance of genetic traits.

Basically DNA is just who you are and where you came from. DNA testing has helped solve murders, rape cases, missing persons and has also brought families together however there have been some pretty nasty bumps along the way. Families have been torn apart because children find out their father isn't really their father, their mother isn't their mother or that they were adopted leaving families totally in turmoil. DNA has also caused tension over finding out you are a race that you hate. There have been many ups and downs with self testing DNA but it doesn't always mean it is going to end up bad.

Is DNA a Conspriracy For Law Enforcement and The Government

The business of personal genetic-testing kits is booming, with consumers able to learn about their ancestry and health risks at the cost of just $99 to a few hundred dollars. Should you be afraid?

DNA can tell you about diseases that may run in your family, but many do not know how to move forward with the information given.

Others feel that their DNA will end up in a data base for law enforcement. Are you afraid of the crime you committed 30 years ago finally catching up to you? Law enforcement is already asking for DNA samples and the truth is they can do it.

Request are also coming from the State Department and US Military. Of course they just can't pick up the phone and say hey I need such and such's DNA they have to get subpoenas but you are still at risk for every government agency in the nation getting their hands on your DNA.

The Risks Involved in DNA Family Searches

Before you decide you want to know about your ancestors, tell your family and sit down and talk about it. You might be in for a surprise that can change your life forever.

Here is a story told by a woman who decided to find her biological father.

Tracey bought an Ancestry DNA kit online, returned her vile of saliva and then waited anxiously for her results, not yet aware of just how significantly it would change her life. “I was thrilled to be matched up with several people on the Ancestry database; one in particular, his name was Luke and he was my second cousin,” she says. Tracey contacted him about her search for her father and he was able to help her. “Luke said he thought my father’s name was Peter and that he was on Facebook!”

From Peter’s public Facebook profile, Tracey collected enough information to locate his phone number via the electoral roll. “I was shaking that first time I called him but he didn’t pick up. When I tried again the next day, thank goodness, he answered,” she says. “If it had been two days later he would’ve moved and we would’ve missed out!”

Peter and Tracey were absolutely thrilled to find each other. “He told me he’d searched for me, too,” Tracey says. “It was just like a miracle … when I tell people my story they think it can’t be true, but it is true and it’s thanks to a DNA test.”

This is not always the case of a happily ever after. People are finding out that they have the DNA to have Alzheimer's which can be heart breaking especially if you are young. You spend your whole life thinking about it. People find out they have certain genes for cancer. That would be horrible to think at some point you will be diagnosed with cancer and you spend your life having anxiety. Well we know the old Maury Povich "you are not the father of this baby". Yeah the show that has torn lives apart.

If you really want to know who you are and who you are related to, then please take these things into consideration that you may find out something life altering. Prepare yourself for it.

Which is the Best Company to Use For DNA Results

Before you go spending money on your DNA make sure the company is reputable. Just because it's advertised on tv doesn't mean its a good company. Here are the top companies that give the best results.

We ranked the services by these 10 factors:
1) Company Reputation
2) Services Offered
3) Testing Method
4) Software Grade
5) Research & Scientific Evidence
6) CLIA Compliance
7) Customer Reviews
8) Price
9) Customer Service
10) Return Policy

23 and Me

My Heritage

Living DNA

Family Tree DNA

National Geographic Geno.2

All these companies are good companies and the prices can range from 99 dollars to a couple of hundred. It all depends on what you are looking for. National Geographic is the cheapest on sale on Amazon for 65.00 dollars.

If you choose to do this, then just know your life could change in a good or bad way. It depends on how you look at it. If you really don't know any of your family, this might be a good thing for you to do. You could be missing out on a ton of family to spend the holidays with, celebrate birthdays and just be with family.

I say have fun with it. You may find yourself visiting relatives all over the world. It will get you to unknown places that you would have never thought of visiting.


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