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Is Your Man Faithful? Seven telltale signs he's cheating

Updated on May 17, 2010

7 Signs that He is Cheating:

1) " Missing Time" - Is he coming home from work or engagements later than usual? Does he leave for work extra early or run errands more frequently than normal? Does he suddenly have tremendous amounts of overtime at work without the pay to add up? This is the first and most obvious sign that he is cheating on you.

2)Is he is suddenly more concerned with his appearance than ever before. Have you caught him doing push ups and crunches when he thinks you're not looking? Does he suddenly stop working out if you see him? Is he taking more showers than usual? Is he taking showers right when he gets home? Is he piling on too much cologne and popping breath mints like never before? Watch out he might be trying to look good for you or he might be trying to impress someone else!

3) Is he suddenly hostile towards you for no apparent reason? It might just be stress or it could be a whole lot of pent up guilt on his behalf! Pay attention to the outbursts and stay calm no matter what. If he is constantly accusing you of cheating on him then he might be trying to shift blame or change focus. NEVER ACCUSE HIM OF CHEATING!!! Just pay attention to what he's picking fights over and let the signs unfold from there.

4) Is your bedroom activity suddenly decreasing, increasing, or coming to a flat halt? Watch out he might really be tired or he might be getting it somewhere else.

5) Does he rush to answer the phone every time it rings? Does the phone seem to frequently hang up when you answer? Are there lots of calls you do not recognize on his cell phone or on the phone bill (outgoing and incoming, particularly from the same number). Is he suddenly texting when he never used to? Does he hide the phone bills from you?

6) Is money missing? His bank statements or online accounts are unexplainable and he never wants to explain them?

7) Is he suddenly creating new or "secret" email, myspace or facebook accounts that you are not aware of? Is he installing new communication software such as aim or aol chat onto the computer. Is he changing the passwords on the computer so that you cannot log in or access his files? Is he creating separate user accounts for you out of nowhere without reason? Beware he might not want you to catch him.

These are the most common signs of a cheating mate and are the easiest to see. There are many other signs. I have one rule when it comes to suspecting him of cheating: IF YOU ARE JUST INSECURE AND THINK EVERYONE CHEATS THEN YOU NEED TO WORK OUT YOUR TRUST ISSUES. However if you just cannot ignore your gut instinct that he is cheating then it is perfectly acceptable in my book to snoop, spy, and question. Whatever you have to do to get some peace of mind. It won't hurt anyone if you check his email or credit card bills just to be sure, if he's not cheating then you will feel a little more assured and if he is then your detective skills will uncover his actions and you can take the road from there.


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    • profile image

      Tammy 2 years ago

      I have been with my man for 2 years and am deeply in love with him. I questioned him in the beginning of his faithfulness and true love feeling he was a cheater.

      2 years later and 13 women later that i know of so far im still in love and cant let go.

      I was diagnosed 8-5-15 with terminal cancer i dont wanna die alone...

      So i guess i turn my head after allowing him to munipulate me so he thinks he wins and i believe he is faithful even though i caught him in action.

      I dont know he is so sweet but such a sex addict i dont know how to get through to him.

      Im 44 years old. He is 54 years old.

      Any suggestions on how i build positive self confidence?

    • profile image

      ursula nswe 2 years ago

      i have been with my husband for 11 yrs now and we have 3 kids together but lately i have noticed that our marriage is not working anymore. I am 26 and he's 40 but he has never wanted to admit that we are 2 different generation and we should be happy or he should be romantic. He's to friendly to other women that he likes and he doesn't like me to be friends with anyone whether it's a male or a female. H e switches off his phone when he's at home and doesn't like me to touch his phone and has always been so secretive with the call that he gets. every time when i try to ask him about it he doesn't want to admit it and he always say that i am wrong about every thing. I can't even talk to him about anything cause he judges me to much and makes sure that i feel like a cheap hawker. I have been try to be a better wife despite us being two different generation but he doesn't appreciate my effort instead we fight all the time and the kids are not happy about what they are seeing in the family. I feel like i should walk out of the marriage cause we are so much apart and things are not working for us anymore but then i think of my kids and what will i do. Every decision that i make in my life is bound to hurt them so much. What can i do?

    • profile image

      betrayed 4 years ago

      he used another handphone

    • LynWilliams profile image

      LynWilliams 5 years ago

      Good read! More on relationships & dating tips, check out the most controversial new site on the web: It's an online resource for women.

    • profile image

      tanesha adams 5 years ago

      i don't noe y men do cheat.if u don't wanna be with that person just leave to make things easier.u cant have ya cake and eat it to im sorry.i don't noe out of men or woman who cheat the most but its ridiculous just leave that person be and go about ya business

    • profile image

      kym 5 years ago

      I've been on the worst end of it and omg talk about down grade. I don't get why men cheat on there partners with less attractive women if people ain't happy. They should leave better to be alone and happy than with someone for the sake of it people can't have there cake. And eat. It that's just greedy.

    • profile image

      new I was right 6 years ago

      I wish i could really understand why men do the things they do. And the killer part is they always seem to down know the 80/20 rule. And as for the women that these cheating men be with....don't they get it,if they did it to the last you don't have a promising future being that 20%, he will only dog u worse than he did the last. But one thing a believe is that krama is a bitch and everything u do wrong to someone will slap u in the face later. Grow up and learn to keep it real with your partner...if u don't want to be in a relationship be a man and end it.

    • profile image

      stephanie 6 years ago

      man and women both cheat why does everybody put it out like man only cheat women are just as bad maybe even worst don't care if i make a women mad im just being real and ya im a women but im not on either side

    • profile image

      Presh waldor 7 years ago

      I knw al r cheaters bt men cheat most

    • allergy1 profile image

      allergy1 8 years ago from United Arab Emirates

      all are cheaters.

    • profile image

      taik 8 years ago

      Girls do cheat too...

    • profile image

      malcome 8 years ago

      that's stupid, i do thoses things and i'm not cheating, i'm just fed up and bored with my partner, we sort things out after

    • XXBAYXXACEXX profile image

      XXBAYXXACEXX 8 years ago

      haha, wow you sound like you know what's going on. Good leads tho.