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Is Your Partner Cheating?

Updated on October 15, 2014

Do you have absolute trust in your partner?

Well, if you do then you shouldn't be reading this. Good for you!

However, there are many that do trust in their partner, but sometimes something smells fishy. Can you blame anyone for being suspicious from time to time, when things are shaky? I wouldn't. And i'm not one to be distrust a person, especially a dear one such as my partner, but earlier this week a couple very close to me got in this messy situation. I'd never guessed and it happened.

One is never too sure since it can happen to any of us. But there are signs of when something is going on.

Has it ever happened to your or someone close?

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1 - They are eager to start fights

This is one of the most obvious signs. If you partner is feeling guilty of something, they'll try to start fighting for two reasons. Firstly, they're misplacing that guilt and are more on edge leading to more fights. Secondly, they're trying to be mad at you to justify what they're doing or have done.

If you're constantly fighting, or a lot than what you use to be aware that something is up.

Signs Of Cheating
Signs Of Cheating

2 - They're more focused on their phone than you

Unless, you're dating a Candy Crush maniac or some of the sort, something is fishy! If they're more focused on your phone than you, that might be a sign they're flirting with someone else. Especially, if they aren't a person that spend a ton of time on the phone.

Sometimes, cheating starts with texting. Be on your toes!

3 - Speaking ill of someone

Another hurtful and misleading sign.

If they're always insulting someone in particular, it might be the person that they're seeing. It's a way of misleading you of that person. Since they hate him/her, why would you be suspicious, right?

They might be also doing it, in order to alleviate some of the guilt. Showing you how bad people can be and try to appear more innocent in your eyes. At the same time, they're deceiving themselves thinking what they're doing is not so wrong.

4 - Avoiding eye contact

This is the most obvious sign of them all. When this happens, you know something is wrong. You might not want to pressure your partner much, but in this case, you probably should. Better off knowing than letting it slide and later on find out what was going on, while you were feeling bad for them.

5 - Distance

When your partner has lost interest in doing stuff with you, or barely talks to you, it's when the distance comes in.

This is not only a sign of cheating, but a sign that the relationship is soon dead. Or if it's a normal occurrence, then it means you're in a bad relationship overall. Stay away!

Mysterious Phone calls
Mysterious Phone calls

6 - Guarding the phone like a treasure!

If your partner has nothing to hide, then it shouldn't be a problem. Even if peeking is wrong, using their phone shouldn't be.

If you're asking for their phone to do something and they flush it down the toilet, it doesn't take an expert to tell you that something is awfully wrong.

7 - No sex

If they're already getting off somewhere else, is more than likely you won't be getting much. If your love life as a couple is toning down or getting neglected, it's a sign that your partner is cheating you with someone else, that is taking care of his/her needs.

8 - A well of kindness

On the other side of the coin, cheating can come with an extreme overflow of kindness from your partner.

Unlike sign number one where they take out on you, they can also be extremely generous and nice. It depends on the person. They might act out in rage or turn into a super nice person trying to compensate their wrongs.

9 - Different scent

This has to be one of the most painful signs to notice.

If they're spending a lot more time with someone else, that is, cheating, the smell of the other party will start to rub off on them. What you may think is a new perfume, it might just be the scent of another person.

If you're not seeing a new perfume bottle, be aware of this sign.

Don't Disregard Any Signs Of Cheating!
Don't Disregard Any Signs Of Cheating!

10 - Never know where they are

If you never know where they are recently and they're trying to hide it from you, then something is going on.

If you're no longer spending much time together, and they're not telling where or are dodging you, it's time to be leery.

11 - Dressing nicer

If you're at that point of the relationship where you start to hang out with jeans and t-shirts and out of nowhere your partner is going back to date clothes, but not for you... It's a big red flag of cheating.

They're back into the date zone without your knowledge.

12 - Change of schedule

If the daily schedule of your partner is constantly changing around you, well you know what that means.

You used to have your own schedule shared with your partner and now they're never available, etc. Another sign...

Know your partner and be strong

In the end, it's all up to you. You're the one who knows their partner best. So you should know when something has changed.

If something as painful as cheating happens to you, be strong and move on. It can happen to anyone and it's not your fault so don't feel blamed for anything.

Cheating is a decision.

Can cheating be an accident?

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