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Is Your Partner Cheating on You?

Updated on October 24, 2009

Partners That Cheat

Often times, you know your partner is cheating before they tell you. Those telltale feelings, you know what I mean. But, usually, people choose to ignore them or deny that they could be true.

If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, try not to become paranoid or make false accusations. Firing warning shots will only cause your partner to retreat from you and your relationship. They might shut you out, become angry, or run into the arms of their lover and not return.

It is difficult to be absolutely sure if your partner is cheating, but you must protect yourself. Pay attention to those gut feelings, but be careful and don't succumb to anxieties.

Some hints that your partner is cheating are:

Less or No Sex

If your partner is getting sexual satisfaction somewhere other than at home, you might notice or sense differences in them. Criminals always make mistakes, and so do cheaters. The most common tip is the scent of another persons perfume or cologne. The cheater is unaware of the lingering smell, but to you it will be obvious.

Unusual Cell Phone Usage

Your partner might suddenly become overly protective about their cell phones, get up and leave the room to chat to the caller, or get upset if you happen to pick up their phone. They might be very protective or nervous when they get a text message.

Excited or Unusually Cheery

When they're on their phone, are they extremely cheery, giggly, or quiet? You might notice that they have begun to talk in a more throaty or sexual tone with the caller. Or, they might whisper a lot.

Distant Behavior

Relationships have ups and down, but if your partner seems to be distancing themselves from you, there might be someone else. Disconnecting emotionally should be discussed regardless of it's cause. Your partner doesn't laugh, joke, or want to be passionate with you. Unless he's 'Superman' it's unlikely he can maintain intimacy with both of you.


If suddenly he needs to travel a lot for business. If they are unavailable to take your calls they could be cheating. If you sense they are avoiding you, there may be cause for concern.

Friendships Change

If you've been together any length of time, most likely you will know each others friends. Often times, friends will not tell you what's going on, and their behavior changes because they are protecting his/her secret.

Caught in Lies

If you catch your partner in a lie, of course, the trust factor will be damaged. Try not to hold a grudge, but if they continue to lie and patterns are being established, it might be a sign of cheating. The best thing you can do for yourself, is to get out before you suffer anymore emotional abuse, and do not let him talk or lie his way back.


If he or she has cheated previously, they are capable of doing it again. Cheaters are selfish, inconsiderate, and self-serving. They are self-centered and do not care about your feelings.

Gut Instinct

Don't ignore that funny feeling. Most people can sense when something just doesn't feel right. Usually, those instinctive feeling and warnings are right on target.


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    • creativeone59 profile image

      benny Faye Douglass 

      8 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      Thank you ivori, for a great hub on partners cheating, I appreciate this hub. creativeone59


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