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Is Your Partner Cheating on You? 10 Ways to Know

Updated on October 17, 2013

First thing to admit is if you are reading this, you probably already have a sense of doubt and intuitively feel something isn't right. Your intuition is almost always on point and you should follow what it's telling you.

1. Are they working out more or taking more time to get ready for work? People that cheat want to look good for the other person. They may buy new cologne or perfume, new shoes, new clothes, new haircut, new nighties or underwear, socks, etc. Take note in what's being worn and bought and what lengths they are going to in order to change their appearance.

2. Are they spending more time at the office? It could just be overtime but if you call and they aren't at work, they are probably not getting paid for whatever they're doing.

3. Do they make excuses to go out with their friends more? Maybe before they weren't going out so much but now they are or you went everywhere together and now they want to be alone.

4. They are more critical of you. This one is easy. They want to start a fight to have an excuse to go out. They are comparing you to the other person, so everything you do will rub them the wrong way.

5. Has their music taste changed? They were listening to Rock, now all of a sudden they have a new taste for Enya is something to question. Also goes for different foods, movies or shows on television. Their new acquaintance has different tastes than you, so they will be in a whole new zone of tastes. This includes sex. Different positions, more adventurous or willing to try new things is a very common way to tell.

6. Their car is cleaner. You notice them spending more time cleaning out their car, and always check the passenger seat. Has it been moved up or changed in position? A real sign someone else has been sitting there.

7. Social Networks: New friends on Facebook? Twitter? Who are they? How did they meet? Are they in the same zip code? Same job? Do you know them? And why is it these friends never comment or like pics/comments? Why the secrecy? It's almost as if they are there for other reasons. And how are they communicating if not on the wall? You will know if you walk in and see them online, and they suddenly turn their computer screen away from you or seem irritated or defensive.

8. More phone calls or texts? Who's calling? If it's "Steve" but you don't know a Steve, call and ask for Steve. Don't be surprised if Suzi answers. This was a trick my ex pulled on me. They will also take calls in their car before they get in or go outside to talk or text.

9. Do they come home and head straight for the shower or bathroom? Cheaters often wash up after their meet ups so you won't smell anything. Note: Some wash up at their "friends" homes, so they will come in clean....maybe a little too clean.

10. Frequent runs to the store. Are they wanting to run out to the store more now than before? Why? And all of a sudden they want to go alone.

FYI: Cheaters often subconsciously want to get caught, so they wont' have to end the relationship. They will do the dumbest things, leaving you wondering, why would they do that? And now you know.

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Rosana Modugno


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