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Is it Possible to Find True Love and Happiness on the Internet?

Updated on February 20, 2015

How does Love in the Internet Start?

I know of two couples who found each other on facebook playing games such as farmville or cityville. Another couple found love through another blogging media on the internet. There are countless numbers of people who have found true love on the internet. The couples I am talking about are now married, and all of them are very happy, and very much in love.

But, and there is a, but, one needs to be very careful meeting someone on the internet. Probably we have all heard of some very horrible stories where women have fallen victim to men trying to swindle money out of unsuspecting and vulnerable women. TV media has had documentaries on some of these groups. There are some precautions that need to be heeded when embarking on such a relationship on the internet.

How Can You Be careful?

When someone wants to chat with you say on Facebook look at their profile and pictures. Pictures are very important they can say a lot about a person.

I have had men leave me very wonderful messages telling me how beautiful I am and how much they want to get to know me. Hmmmm ok that all makes one feel very important and beautiful, but what is the motive behind those words. Two men in particular when I went to look at their profile had very few pictures. One man had only a couple of pictures of a man and a car. That is a very good clue as to someone who is not who he really is trying to be.

These men want to love you, and marry you and be great to you. Well, trust me, it is just a come on to get you primed for the next move. I am talking from experience not just from someone's story. They will make up unbelievably great stories they are pros at what they do. One man was supposedly very rich and had a great job for an oil company. I can't even go into everything from this man because would be too long. One day I got an email and he told me his daughter was very ill, and he couldn't get to her, and his mom wasn't able to take care of the girl. The man was divorced I believe and his daughter stayed with his mom while he was working away. He wanted me to send him $500. Wow, I felt bad but thank goodness I have no money lol. I told him I could not send him that kind of money. He begged and told me I would have to borrow the money. I told him I could not, and that if he were so well off then he should take care of things. I told him to never contact me again.

I can't say it enough, YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFUL!!!! These men are artists at what they do and know what will strike a cord to get unsuspecting ones to give them money.

How about men do they get scammed?

In doing some research I found a site about Russian men who send out letters to any man they can email to. In starting this article I was thinking mostly about women, and in particular with a Nigerian group of men scamming women. There was a lot brought out about how those men looked for women of a certain age. They feel like those women were most susceptible to accepting their cunning ways. It was also brought out in documentaries about these groups.

Getting back to the Russian scams I hadn't really thought about men being susceptible, but they are very susceptible too. Women aren't the only ones who are lonely, and need someone. I read some of the emails sent out to any man they can get their emails too. They are about women from Russia who are looking for a man to get to know and have a lasting relationship with.

The article brought out that Russian women very rarely go in the internet much less send out emails of this sort. The emails were very convincing using broken English and telling about the woman and bringing out they are normal everyday women looking for love. A man looking for love and companionship could be drawn to find out more about the woman sending the email to him.

Again "BE VERY CAREFUL!!!!" If it's too good to be true then it is not true don't be fooled.

Make sure you stop, look and listen.
Make sure you stop, look and listen. | Source

Stop, Look, and Listen

In closing just make sure that you STOP and take a step back and make sure of all things before you let yourself get into something you don't want.

LOOK at pictures and try to do some name research on anyone that you might have an interest or has an interest in you.

LISTEN to the way the person talks to you. If you really listen you can hear certain falsehoods because if they are too sweet or ask to many questions from the start then that is a good indication they are not honest.


Just be careful and remember the heart can be treacherous sometimes when you want to listen to your heart. I hope this is a help for someone who is looking for love on the net. It can be there just Stop, Look and Listen before you leap. :~)


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    • Nancy C Moores profile image

      Nancy C Moores 3 years ago

      Thank you for that information bac2basics I'm sorry I didn't receive your comment until today. Yes, there are some very scary things that go on in the internet. It is strange he would remain friends with her don't you think?

    • profile image

      bac2basics 3 years ago

      You ought to watch a series called " Catfish" it´s all about people conning would be lovers on the internet. The programmes are done by a lovely young man who was himself the victim of an internet scam, and the girl he fell in love with was not the girl he thought he was talking to, she had used someone else´s identity, but they still remain friends.