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Is it wrong to ask someone's relationship status before asking for a relationship?

Updated on December 15, 2013

In our quest to find love and start a relationship, we come across those that are either married or single or in relationship. However, we often time do not bother to ask the relationship status of someone we want to date or start a new relationship with.

Most people hesitate to ask because they want the relationship by all means therefore any seemingly obstacle should be avoided. Some people look for a clue like a wedding or engagement ring. That may explain why some people don’t wear their wedding ring so they can cheat while others still cheat with or without their wedding rings on.

Some people are of the opinion that it is better not to ask for the relationship status prior asking someone for a relationship. That is, take your chance and ask questions later. It is also known that men use any means available to them to win a lady even when they know that such a lady is already in a relationship.

It may be queer to ask such question as it may ruin the mission. Moreover, some people do not mind dating a married man or woman so why ask? Those that detest such question are of the opinion that someone may be in a relationship yet be unhappy. That is some people are just hanging on an unhappy relationship and they are looking for a way out. Therefore, they will give others a chance with the hope of finding a better relationship.

There is also a school of thought that maintains that any relationship other than marriage is still open so anyone can come in and leave. That is to say, one is free to date as many people as one wants to date for as long as one is not married. They are of the opinion that it gives room for one to select the best. However, some people can argue how effective such experimentation is, having it in mind that virtually all relationships seem to have its own challenges especially now that most marriages end in divorce.

It can be said that any relationship has what defines it depending on those involve and what they want in it. Whatever may be the case or the definition of any relationship, cheating is usually an unwanted aspect of any serious relationship. Consequently, a relationship may end once a partner realizes that he or she is being cheated on. This explains why some people that are already in a relationship and starts another relationship may try to keep both relationships as a secret from the partners involved. Some of them may even inform a new partner of their existing partner and ask that the new relationship better be a secret affair to avoid being caught.

The point still remains that nobody will happily and willingly want to share his or her loved partner with someone else. Therefore, those that intend to start any serious relationship with all sincerity may need to know the relationship status of the one they admire before they commence the relationship. It is obvious that some people lie about their status just because they want to hook up. Then is the question, how fair it is to start a relationship with a lie? Anyone in an unhappy relationship should try to find happiness in the relationship or quit. This is because happiness is the integral aspect of any relationship.

Some people are also of the opinion that those that keep experimenting with different partners may have problem being faithful when it matters. This is because any attitude displayed in any relationship may continue even after one is married. That is why some people see courtship to be training and learning ground; a period one uses to determine the type of partner one has and obviously any unfaithful act may end the courtship.

It is obvious that some people can do anything to get anyone or whatever they want. Therefore, the desire to know a relationship status before starting a relationship depends on individual and what the individual wants. Some people do not have pleasure in taking over other people’s partners while some see it as fun.


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