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Is love supposed to hurt?

Updated on September 10, 2010
Why Would This Hurt?
Why Would This Hurt?

Love Should Never Hurt!

Love is a very funny thing. It’s sometimes like a roller coaster ride. There are ups and downs. With love there are disappointments because of expectations set too high for the one you love. However, love is a good thing. Love should enhance and fill your life with what has been missing all along. Love doesn’t hurt. Love is not a regret, and if you do regret, then you are with the wrong person.

Love should close that open circle and make it whole. Love should make you smile and when you are unhappy it should only be temporary. The person you love should consider you and your feelings and thoughts. When does a person that care about you hurt; it doesn’t. If you are in a relationship that has more hurt than happy, this is not love. Listen, you should feel because of love your life was sort of empty as if there was something missing, your life had its good times but it was incomplete, your life had its ups and downs. You went left and right with all the different types of people you dated. You had good times, but, it still felt incomplete and that void was still there. All of a sudden because of love your life straightened out and you began to feel a completeness you never felt before. Now tell me does that sound like something that should hurt? No it doesn’t!

Think of a mother and father’s love. You know growing up you got scolded for many wrong turns that you took. You were scared to death when you had to tell your dad you tore up the car, or tell your mom you failed in school, and yes you were disciplined. However, you had no doubt your parents loved you. All they wanted was the best for you. They wanted to guide and direct you so you were always safe. They wanted your life to turn out the best way possible and wanted to direct you to make the best choices. Even though a parent had to discipline you, you had no doubt they loved you. When someone comes along in your life and wants to protect and care for you, it should never hurt.

Don’t mix up being disappointed by an action of being hurt by careless actions. Remember love is a strong POSITIVE emotion of regard and affection. Since when does something positive hurt? The definition of hurt is the source of pain. Love is the exact opposite of pain. If someone loves you, all that has been missing in your life should feel complete and be fulfilled.

Walk away from hurt and welcome the positive emotion of love. With love you should feel this person is your soul mate to the end. You should not be able to see your life any where else but with this person. Should that hurt, of course not!


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