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Is He Helping You Get Your Groove Back?

Updated on June 15, 2015
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My passion is writing about love, sex, dating, and relationships. I write based on my own personal experiences and those that I relate to.

After a bad break-up or being out of the dating scene for too long, a woman can start to lose her mojo...her sexy groove, what makes her feel confident.

Ladies, whether you have been out of the dating scene for a while—due to being consumed with your career, had a bad break up, or maybe you've just been unlucky in the dating department —sometimes you need to get your groove back—aka...Your va-va-voom, by having a rendezvous (sex) with a younger guy. Let's be clear, this is a guy who is at least of legal drinking age, but preferable no younger than mid-20's.

Yes, I said it. Men do this all the time so why should we feel ashamed? We have needs too. Again, he should be at least be of legal drinking age—so make sure that if you meet a guy like this it's at a bar and you have seen him order a drink. If he has zero facial or chest hair, you might need to check his ID to be safe.

There are lots of younger women who prefer older men, and on the flip side, there are plenty of guys that also like older women as well. This isn't necessarily about having a serious relationship or marriage, it's about having simple, uncomplicated, fun. Communicating this is the key, however you might be surprised and find a guy you make a genuine connection with. And, the nice thing is, you don't have to fly all the way to Jamaica to get your groove back (like the movie...remember Stella?) As I have realized, it's usually as simple as grabbing a drink at one of your favorite restaurants or bars.

The older I get, the more I have realized that most men—at least the ones I have come across—aren't so stuck on the "age thing." They rarely ask how old I am. Honestly, unless the direction I'm heading towards with a guy involves a serious commitment, age isn't relevant.

Relationships can be complicated enough. And what I have realized, the expectation I have with a younger guy is completely different than with an older guy whom I see the potential of dating seriously or having a long term commitment. If you are looking for fun, then it's easier to be more laid back and to keep things simple.

I don't care if a younger guy only wants to text me—and only reaches out ever-so often. I'm more open to a younger guy sending sexy pictures—since they are usually innocent and mostly of his six pack abs or some other sexy photo with his shirt off and boxer briefs kept on. I don't care if he wears baseball caps a lot—because that's what guys his age do—so it's expected. When you spend time with a younger guy, conversations don't get too heavy because usually their life experiences haven't reached that level yet. The nice thing too is that many younger men aren't completely jaded when it comes to women. The game playing hasn't developed yet and when you want to see him, he makes the time. Oh, and the best part...a younger guys sexual stamina is ridiculous—probably due to the fact that their stress levels are lower so their libido is much higher. This guy actually does care about pleasing you—and if your satisfied. Just what the doctor ordered—Cha-Ching!

Throughout my extensive dating journey I have met a few younger guys—mostly where kissing was just involved, however, there was a guy who took me by a very good way.

My girlfriend and I met these younger guys when we were out having girls’ night. As we walked into the bar, they looked right at us which caught our attention. Since we happened to sit directly across from them we kept locking eyes. I found this one guy extremely attractive—sexy build, nice height and gorgeous eyes and smile. I knew he was definitely younger than me, but I couldn't tell exactly how old he was.

Normally I don't date younger men. I'm not very attracted to them. I prefer older men who are distinguished, but there was something about this guy that I couldn't take my eyes off of. Not to mention that the last few guys I dated were overly complicated, full of drama and I just needed a change—someone completely opposite—even for a moment, and this guy seemed to fit the bill.

As the night progressed my girlfriend and I ended up talking to these younger guys. There was not only an instant attraction, but also chemistry with this guy....he was even sexier up close and personal. Our conversations were flirty and we couldn't keep our hands off one another. As I opened the doorway to sleuth out his age by telling him, "You look a lot younger than me..." his response, "Why does age have to matter?" He was right. It didn't. He was at least of legal age since he was ordering alcoholic drinks—so I let it go.

This guy was not only a breath of fresh air, but also an amazing kisser. I haven't felt that intense chemistry kissing a guy in a really long time, which made the age thing not an issue since he obviously knows what he's doing.

As the night ended we exchanged numbers—this was a guy I one hundred percent wanted to see again. He text me that evening giving me his phone number. We sent texts back and forth—messages that were mixed with flirting, sexy pictures and basic "how's your day going" talk.

We hung out a few times, and let's just say I was not disappointed when I got my groove back…or rather, got my groove ON with him...age was not a factor at all! He not only made me feel sexy and beautiful, he was also very passionate, giving, and generous…and looked even sexier in person than the photos he had sent me. The chemistry was unreal. This guy was more of a man then the last several men that I had dated, and my body was loving it.

Ladies, it's easy to put so many rules and stipulations on finding happiness—even when it's only meant to be temporary. Whoever decided that sleeping with, dating, or potentially having a relationship with a guy who is ten, fifteen or possibly twenty years younger than you should be viewed as wrong, but it's OK when men do it? Enough with the old-fashioned stigmas, after all age is just a number...and last time I checked, my groove has no expiration date!

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