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Is He Not Sealing The Deal?-Stephanie Bailey

Updated on February 17, 2014
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My passion is writing about love, sex, dating, and relationships. I write based on my own personal experiences and those that I relate to.

Regardless of what your girlfriends might say to make you feel better, when a guy is texting and calling, claiming he likes you, yet continues to cancel dates—you are definitely not a high priority. And guess what? The fact is, that will probably never change.

Here's the thing, life happens—I get it. Remember, if a guy is really interested he will find the time to see you. If he can find the time to go to the gym or to see his friends when he's tired, why does he keep breaking plans with you? He may tell you that he is too busy, or too tired, yet in the same conversation musters the energy to make plans—again, not with you. I've said this many times in other articles—men make time for what they value as important.

If you are important in his life, he will not use the excuse that he is unable to call because he is too busy, instead he will find a way to reach out without you even asking. If he's tired, he won't cancel with you and head to the gym—instead he will suggest seeing you for a relaxing evening after a quick workout or won't workout that day. And, if he's really busy but has an open day—he will make plans with you for at least part of that day instead of spending the entire day with his buddies.

Men are not as complicated as we would like to believe in order to make ourselves feel better. When they do not make time for you, they are not interested. A guy who is truly into you will seal the deal. Period! A guy who is playing games or dragging you along might make plans with you, but will never follow through—something or someone better will always come along.

When a guy isn't sealing the deal with you and consistently keeps you waiting, he doesn't respect you, and does not want to be in a relationship with you. Remember some men are motivated by their ego—they like having many women around to help them feel attractive and wanted, but they do not really want you.

Ladies, when a man puts very little effort into getting to know you or spend time with you, your interest in him should fade—or at least that is what happens with me. I have met many men who rely on their looks and therefore believe that they do not and should not need to make much of an effort when it comes to dating. They will connect with someone they find attractive but never put forth the effort to execute the date. If you are like me, the lack of effort a man puts in isn't intriguing, it's annoying and frankly a turn-off.

Bottom-line ladies, a guy who won't seal the deal with you usually has commitment issues, but more directly—he doesn't view you as long term and is Not Into You. The sooner you can realize this, the less time you will waste. Know that you and your time is worth more than the lack of attention or effort this man is putting forth. If he can't seal the the deal in the beginning with a simple date, then how would you expect him to be a good boyfriend, a committed partner or an attentive husband? If you have to ask yourself, why isn't he making the proper effort?—it is time to face facts and realize you're better off making him a "done deal".


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