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Is His Love Stock Worth Your Investment?

Updated on May 4, 2015
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My passion is writing about love, sex, dating, and relationships. I write based on my own personal experiences and those that I relate to.

There are different emotional stock options that a woman can invest in when it comes to a guy—all in the hope for the big payout....happily ever after.

Stocks increase depending on the status you have with him:

-First meeting





Without knowing it, there is an emotional investment most women tend to make from the moment they meet a guy. This initial investment starts off with how attractive they find the guy—face, body, hair, eyes, smile, teeth, hands, etc., and will develop even deeper depending on how a guy treats you, and what type of a connection you have.

When you start to date a guy, this will give you faith that your stock will potentially have a chance of increased valued shares—a relationship. Therefore, it's natural to become even more emotionally invested. The more dates a woman has, the higher her investment becomes and the more shares of her heart she is open and willing to give to him. As the relationship progresses in a healthy, happy, mutual direction—exclusivity, the value and hope a woman places on this stock, will start compounding. Of course these shares aren’t just about the dates a woman has, it's also about the ultimate connection she feels with him.

A woman's emotional investment will have higher value depending on commonalities—similar sense of humor, interests you share, political views as well as religious/spiritual views, and hobbies. The more things in common, the deeper the connection. Balance all of that with the effort he puts into her—planning dates, calling/texting, making time to see her— the higher the shares in the possibility of love, become. The more quality time you spend with a guy, the higher his stock will naturally increase. Could this love-stock turn into a bigger investment—lifetime commitment?

As with any relationship, there is a risk that once you are in love, his stock will either increase or plummet—this usually depends on how the relationship is moving, either extremely slow, at a comfortable steady pace, or very quickly. It also depends on how much effort he is making and what his intentions really are. Unfortunately, like with any stock (and man), it's a risk and sometimes this risk will not pay out.

I dated a guy that seemed emotionally all in from the moment we met. We not only had a great first date, we had many more dates that kept getting better each time. The connection was there, the conversation flowed easily between us, making it hard for me to not think about wanting to invest my stock in him.

This guy was very convincing that what he felt for me was real. He would communicate with phone calls daily, text me heart-felt messages, and made time to see me—which was more than flattering since he owned his own company. From day one, all this guy would talk about was that “I was the one” and that he was going to prove it to me. Since I'm not a big fan of "jumping all in" until you really get to know a guy (making sure his actions are consistent versus momentarily) I told him that I thought it was a little early in our relationship—it had only been just over two weeks—too early to be discussing exclusivity, when he brought the subject up. Well, his stock plunged quickly.

This guy went from wanting to spend time with me to making excuses why he all of a sudden couldn't pick up the phone when he had “stuff” going on over the weekend and why other things became more important than seeing me and following through on the plans he would make with me. What he failed to realize is that if his stock decreased that quickly because I wasn't ready yet for a full fledge commitment, what would have happened if I did decide to invest?

Most men who want to invest quickly—before proving with time that their stock is worth it, tend to freak out just as quickly. This will be apparent by how easily it is for them to change their actions toward you—lack of communication and time for you destroys any trust that was being built. This will make you feel that his feeling weren't genuine. This is definitely a stock dropper. FYI....a guy that truly cares about you would not change his feelings so quickly because you need more time to get to know him better.

When the emotional stock starts to drops in the love department, it means that you are losing interest in him, as well as the faith that he could potentially be "the one."

I also dated a guy who wanted to prove that investing my shares in him was worth it. With this guy, time wasn't the factor. He was ok when I suggested that we date a little longer before becoming exclusive. He waited several months, still being consistent with his actions towards me to prove that I was what he wanted—increasing the emotionally stock that I invested. As I said, there is always a risk when it comes to love.

Not only did we become exclusive, we fell in love—his stock quadrupled! He seemed to be worth every share of my heart until things started to fluctuate. This was a man that when things in his life were not going well, he would shut me out of his life, causing his stock to drop… quickly.

As communication lessened between us his love stock continued to drop even further. As he continued to find less and less time for me—ranking me low on his priority list—his stock eventually plummeted until there was no recovery—emotional bankruptcy.

Even if you think you're savvy at deciding when and how much to invest your heart, sometimes you won't make the smartest decisions. However, hopefully you will learn from those mistakes and be a smarter investor next time.

Ladies, if the stock that you have invested in him has taken a hit, it might be time to trade it in before your heart experiences an emotional bankruptcy. You deserve to be with a man whose love stock has a continuous capital growth, and nothing less. This means that there is potential that he could be the one—your happily-ever-after. It feels amazing to be with a guy who's putting just as much emotional effort into the relationship as you are. Of course I'm not saying that there won't be moments of disappointment, disagreements or disconnect at times, but those moments should be far and few between. Your choices should ultimately lead to long term positive yields that leave you satisfied, confident, and secure in your investments.

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